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Hi Girls,
Really struggling at the mo,My story so far. Started LT in feb to loose wt for a holiday in May did really well and lost 35lb by May holiday ,went on holiday came back with a wt gain of 7lb.I had expected that so was'nt worried.Since being back from holiday 3 weeks Im really really struggling to get back on track. Start off really well but my lowest point is that dreaded 5pm/7pm time and Im picking constantly whilst cooking for everyone else. Can feel my mood going lower as the days pass and feel such a failure. Going away again in 4 weeks and really want to loose what ive gained and more by then and also for health reasons. I am trying to focus on how well i felt whilst i was doing 100% LT , can honestly say hav'nt felt so well in years head aches gone reflux gone and mood greatly improved so why oh why can i just not pull myself together and get it sorted.Somtimes i think im too hard on myself and i need to focus more on the positives an what i have done instead of beating myself up but its just so hard.LT is so good for me as i dont have to think about food and it removes all my choices as im very much an all or nothing kind of person. Any support will be very gratefully recieved Im not usually wingey but feel very out of control at the mo and dont want to go down that slippery slope.

Can any one tell me how to add all my losses etc to my profile without having to do it each time you post something.:wave_cry:
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just managed how to get a ticker down loaded !! yeh
Hi Springermad

You've done soooooo well losing 35lb, that's great! :)

Don't beat yourself up about it. You cannot always be in a perfect frame of mind.
Tomorrow is a new day! You've done it before you need to remember how you felt when you were losing the first time.

You know you can do it!!!

You did it for your holiday which i'm sure you felt great about. Try and think positive thoughts and set some goals.

I feel the same anout LT as now I don't have to think about what i'm eating. I did slimming world before and it was so easy to cheat and have a few extras here and there. I'm only in my first week, but feel better already :)

Good luck and hugs x
Hi Tinkerbell
Many thanks for your post its so good to know others feel the same way and thanks for your support. Just having my morning iced latte shake before I go off to work.Todays quote for me today is going to be "1 hour at a time" hope to be able to post tonight that I've been 100% LT today fingers crossed. Hope you all have good LT days today too.
Hi Springermad

Hope you are feeling better today. I am on day 7, can't wait to see how much i've lost tomorrow. I'm feeling fantastic right now, just goes to show what all that junk food does to your body!
Take care x
Hi Tinkerbell
Feelin better today thanks had a much better day although not 100% I am sorry to say, but better than of recent!! I tend to get better as the days go by. Hope you have a good weight in tomorrow and get your just reward for all the hard work that it takes to stay on track. Let us know the good news.
hi springermad I understand how you feel I found myself thinking about food the whole time in my first week but managed to stay away just by telling myself I wanted a loss on the scales more than I wanted the food, but we are only human and most of us have a slip occasionally just remind yourself of your goals and you will get there. good luck.
Thanks for that seashell if only we knew where that motivation came from when we first start our LP journey I would have bottled some up for moments like now !!! hope you have had a good, Mine ok but still not quite 100%.
going better again now, back to 100% but I am just taking it one day at a time, have got another 16lb to loose but am not getting the big results that others on here are so could take me a bit longer than expected, but i'm only aiming to get to a normal weight rather than going for really slim, I can always extend the goal posts at a later date if I fell I want to. keep going and dont give up youll get there aswell

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