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Struggling ....

Hope you are feeling better this morning. :)
Im on day 3 today and am also feeling rubbish!! Just taken 2 paracetamol. Ive also got a cold which isnt helping.
Stick with it - It does get better ( ive done it before)
Anyway Im taking my self back to bed and am going to have a lazy day reading my book!
I know it can be hard the first week but as K says, it does get better. Hopefully you can take some time out today to just look after yourself ...take a couple of over the counter headache tablets & snuggle up on the sofa :hug99:
The first few days are definitely the hardest but once you've cracked them, that's it ...easy street:p
Try to read through all the success stories on here to keep motivated - unfortunately I think its just one of those things we've got to just grin & get through :)
Take care
hi there
you just have to ride it out - but it will pass.
Try and keep busy - or lock your self away with a good book or dvds

it is worth it
good luck
daisy x
Poor Claire! It can be horrible - I had a really rough time too. The only way I can cope is to treat myself like I have a cold - I took the week off and spent it under a duvet in front of the TV. Can you do similar? Just be very kind to yourself, take paracetamol for the headaches, put your feet up and nap, and have early nights if possible.

The good news is this: if you're feeling cold, you're probably getting into ketosis. Which means you'll feel loads better soon, AND start your weight losses! :)

Hang in there, chuck.


is Magdalicious
Yes! It does get better! I'm on my day 7 and compared to what I felt like 3 days ago I feel tons better!
Just stick with it. It will ve worth it in the end xxx


Ready for the new me!
Im on day 5 and i feel so terrible right now not only is it the physical side (headache, nausea and exhausted) its just a real emotional rollercoaster aswell. Last night i just wanted to give up but my family rallied round and made sure i didnt do anything stupid.

For some reason i get worse in the night and i was slightly sick with all this water ive been drinking i guess. I just pray it gets better cause i cant do this much longer!

Also i picked up some ketone strips and ive been in ketosis for 3 days now so i kinda thought id be done with this by now :sigh:.
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i must have been 1 of the lucky ones as can honestly say i never / still havent felt poorly on this at all, ive had days where ive felt tired but thats it, i do feel for all the people that are feeling yuk etc hang in there though as its so worth it xx
Only just seen this thread. I hope you're feeling better by now. So many experienced people on here say it does get better, and it will be so worth it! Hang in there!
Hang in there piglet, it will be worth it....
I felt like that too and some wise people on here suggested looking at the inspiration slide shoe...
it kinda keeps you motivated, those pics will be you if you hang on in....
Be well


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