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I'm really struggling at the moment between it being the totm, i have so much uni work to do :(. (i eat under preasure) I'm not weighing next week as i am on placement and i'm realy woried that i will put on weight rather than lose it:mad:. any adivice how to cope would be great xx thanks in advance all xx
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Maybe try having a few Green days? Perhaps something like a big pasta bake would satisfy the cravings for food without going off-plan. Also, make sure you have plenty of fruit in the house so that if you do get bogged down with work and fancy eating then you can just grab some fruit rather than reaching for chocolate or something like that!

The whole point of SW is that if you're hungry you can eat until you're full providing it's free food, so if you do get hungry make sure you eat! You aren't going to put on weight if you indulge in lots of free and superfree foods, and the more superfree foods you have the better hun! Try to eat plenty of the fruit and veggies with the S and SS symbols next to them and you'll be fine! :)



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Yup I agree with Sian - green days are the way forward when you feel like this! I've felt like this the past few days - so last night I had mashed potato, quorn nuggets, parnsips, carrots and diced squash, (fried in a bit of oil with some mixed herbs) and some baked beans..Yuuum!!! makes you feel like you're eating naughtily but its not that bad :)
A good tip I picked up somewhere on here was melting two of the chocolate alpen lights (hexB), bit of sweetner on the top, some low fat creme freiche with a bit of options hot chocolate sprinkled on the top - lush!!
Good luck with it all :) xxxxxxxxxx


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I felt like that last week hun, with assignments due and what not and unfortunately I gave in to everything and had an awful week. Luckily I only gained 1/2lb so it wasn't too bad.

I would say try not to have any junk in the house - I'm cr*p for moderation when it comes to things like that - you might be better!

Pasta bake is a grand idea, syn free chips - cut the up, bung them in the oven and then read/write for 40 til they're cooked? It's good finger food.

I'm not very good at this sort of thing,
Hope that helps though,
Natt xxx
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SW chips for me every time with loads of pickled onion vinegar and salt yummy !!!!

Options drinks are easy to do and a quick fix and only 2 syns per sachet.

An extra yogurt or banana again for a sweet fix.

Good luck and stick with it you can do it !!!!


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;) thanks all I've just been out and bought a load of fruit and placed the fruit bowl by the fridge so hopefully I'll reach for that first and not the choc and crisps lol. since returning to study 3 years ago i have piled on 5 stone after managing to lose a stone of that so far i dont want to go back to my old ways and put it back on. thanks again xx
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Hi! your original post could have been me a few days ago, I wasn't going to go to WI due to being tired from placement and uni assignment to do plus felt I had put on, I did go (didn't stay to group - knackered!) and had actually lost 2lbs, think this was due to eating melon and blackberries Monday and Tuesday, I'd say stick with the fruit as best you can, I seriously need to go fruit and veg shopping but unfortunately am on placement again tomorrow and then uni from monday, would be so much easier to order takeaway wouldn't it but then I'd be wasting money at group and being a fatty!

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