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hey all, im really struggling at the moment,:cry::cry:
before i go any further iv stuck to being 100% and dont intend to break that but..............
for the last 3 days all iv thought about is eating, its killing me, i didnt go through this last time once i hit ketosis i was ok apart from the odd wobble....
im not hungry thats the worst part, im just smelling food and wanting it, iv been out for the day today with my family to southport airshow, and the smells wer every where lol but i resisted and do feel better in myself for doing it..........i just hope i can get through the next few weeks to get the 1.5 stone gone xx
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Hi Claire, Im only on day 6 and had an awful day, nearly caved but didnt and like you, dont intend to either. By the way, youve done fab so far, hope I get to the point your at. Keep going girl, it aint easy but it will be soo worth it. Nothing in life is as bad as feeling fat feels and thats whats keeping me going at mo. Youre doing fantastic and dont feel bad because cravings are going to happen on this diet but I think we get stronger each time we overcome them. WE'RE GETTING STRONGER AND STRONGER EVERYDAY AND WE CAN DO THIS xx
Claire, I've had a difficult day too.... but resisted. I'm on Day 7 here and excited about being weighed. To be honest, that's what's got me through it. Just go look at those jeans again, and imagine how good they will feel to fit into them... we want to see a photo of you in them :D. Tomorrow is a new day... if you can, try and change your thinking mode from 'struggling' to 'feeling good', knowing how well you have managed to get through any previous difficult moments on this. Good luck xx
ty ladies, im feeling much better 2day, it was just a tough weekend, and id had a week off work last week so it was a break in my routine.... back to work today and hopefully back to buisness.. my sister that i was doing it with has txd me 2day to say she`s not doing it nomore, so this kind of makes me more determined as i dont want to quit xxx
go shoppin! get yourself a frock thats too small! one you absolutely love! that'll help!! ive just been shoppin! bought a size 12 tutu n gettin into it isnt too far off but i still have some work to do to get in it, n thats whats drivin me lol hope i can get there

you can do it!!


Getting there!!!
aw hun,well done for getting through that day,i havent been on dis at all lately,hands are completely full with the new pup,jessica off school,getting the car fixed for nct,painting etc etc...hope your ok now ;) x
Glad you made it through :) I guess we are all in the same boat... good days and not so good days. I'm glad you got the support on this site :D
ive just tried my skirt on again to make me not throw in the towel. Im dreamin about healthy food! cant decide whether to refeed on friday, or push on for another 2 weeks, this is drivin me potty lol i feel like im not losin, cos i cant see a significant change, though thats mental, seen as its only been a few days since weigh in lol i wont be happy if ive lost only 4lb though on friday, which is mental! cos 4lb a week is a good loss when you think about what you would lose per week on other diets. Just expect it to drop off cos of the amount of nothin we dont eat lol x

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