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On day 5, sitting here in tears at the table eating my minestrone soup pack while my OH has 2 chicken burgers. He's trying to be supportive encouraging me to stick to my packs but I'm so struggling. Im sabotaging myself trying to convince myself I can start back on it tomorrow :(

Just rambling as know you guys understand!
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Hi Jen. I know how you feel, it can be so hard trying to stay focused in the first week or so, as even once you've entered ketosis you've still got a lot of mental/emotional cravings going on. All I can say is hang in there - it does get easier. And the results at yor next weigh-in will motivate you plenty.


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Stick with it Hun you have done fab to get to day 5!!! Just wait utility ur first weigh in and u will just be sokol pleased!!!
We all have moments of "well surely I could just have a little bit of that or that" don't let these voices get the better!!!
One word .......distraction!!! Go have a nice hot bath or read a book or go for a walk! It will get better!!!
Hugs xxxx
Perhaps you could avoid eating with you partner, at least for another few days until after your first weigh in? I can eat happily with my hubby now but it has been difficult at points. Why put that in front of you during your first few weeks when you are trying to get used to the programme and get into ketosis where the hunger will be far less? It's only temporary and this is about something which is important to you.


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Thanks all. I've just had a lovely vanilla shake with coffee & feeling better now his food is out of site. We don't live together so luckily don't have to eat with him often. Actually feel really pleased that I've stuck 100%. will be skipping on my weigh in. Thanks for the support xx

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