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Stick with it, don't give in.

Try drinking lots of water to curb your hunger, and if needs be have a pack/tetra earlier than you normally would.

Day 1-3 are definitely the hardest, and week one is the one you need to get through but if you do you'll be sooo happy with the results that it'll spur you on more than ever.

If you continue to feel lightheaded though maybe try contacting your CDC for advice.

Good Luck


Loooooves MiniMins
AG is right, stick with it, you should stop feeling hungry pretty soon but in the meantime try splitting your packs and have half earlier then the other half when you normally would, drinking the water does take your mind off food a bit aswell. Are you in ketosis yet? Just think you don't want to ruin that and knock yourself out of it or make it take longer to get into it, if that makes sense lol.
I found weighing myself daily (I know some don't agree with this, but it works for me) spurred me on because I could see what my effort was achieving and it made it all worthwhile.
As for the dizzyness, make sure you are drinking plenty.

Its a fact that we can go without food for an amount of time, but not without water.....keep guzzling girl!!

thanks everyone.

had a shake and feel a bit better!

I drink plenty of water, normally at least 4 litres a day.

If I continue to feel like this might change to 790 so at least I can have a bit of something.



Loooooves MiniMins
I don't normally have my first shake until about 11.30-12, the gaps inbetween each one would be ages if I took it first thing, would do my head in lol. Everyone's different though and we all find our own way of doing :) Well done on your first weeks loss lentil2! Excellent!
Stay strong Wobbly, it's very early days yet. I have my shake now at 11.30 but for the first 5/6 days I stuck to about 9am. You can do this - you've done it before :)
once again thanks to you all.

I feel better now was just a half hour!!!

I am going to stick to this for deffo!!! don't want to let you lot down!!!

I know in a few days i should be ok but it is only day 3...

I like to wait till later for 1st shake because i alos like one at 5ish and then one on a night!!! might have to try splitting the packs if i continue to feel like i did earlier.


Thank you all so much i new i could rely on you all!!!



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So glad you are sticking with it. I split all my packs (I have bars now as past week 2) and use about 250ml in the soups for each half and about 200ml in the shakes so they last me longer. I awlays eat my soup in a bowl with a spoon to make it feel like I am having food.
I am going to stick to this for deffo!!! don't want to let you lot down!!!


Brilliant :D not long to go until you're feeling good Wobbly :D

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