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    So I gave birth near the end of March and my baby is now 4 months old and I'm really struggling to lose the weight. I put on about 20kg and only really lost about 7kg since giving birth and that was in the first couple of weeks. I then did calorie counting after doing Slim Fast (only did that for a few days because I got sick of it!) and lost 2kg in 6 weeks but then I wasn't losing any for a few weeks and then started to put on again. I decided to try SW again because I have had results from that in the past. The only problem was, my anniversary came up and in the first week of SW I had too many syns because we were eating out or getting takeaway for a few days and I put on 0.5kg, the 2nd week wasn't as bad but again I went out one day for my cousins hen do, the 3rd week I maintained but I'm really struggling to lose the weight. The only reason I went back to SW was because when I was looking back at my old food diaries and weight loss, I was losing about 2kg a week! On Monday will be my 4th week of SW but I had a peek at the scales and it looks like I may not be losing any weight again. I don't know where I'm going wrong or what to do because I'm getting put off doing SW now and don't know how else I can lose weight. Does anyone have any advice? I do have some smaller goals but overall I want to lose about 15kg. I'm not sure if I'm doing the Extra Easy plan right because when I did SW previously, I used to do the Red & Green days. And am I allowed to still have Red & Green & EE days or do they all have to be EE days?
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    Post your food diary in the sw section and we'll take a look for you. Yes you can still do the red and green plans but to be honest it doesn't sound as if you are following the plan as you are going over syn on a fairly regular basis . So you might want to just focus on a few weeks of being on extra easy 100%. Your consultant will also help if you hand in your food diaries xx
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    Try having a scoot round some diaries for inspiration xx

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