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Hi.. can someone tell me how they felt during week 2? I am really struggling. I do feel hungry and so far have had 2 packs and 2l water plus black coffee.

Surely the hunger should have passed by now? I think it might be because I am not (or do not appear to be ) in Ketosis. I did a test on tuesday night and yesterday morning and both times the strip stayed the same.

I'm not sure I could cope with feeling like this for 100 days :break_diet:
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Deb G

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Are you drinking caff or decaff coffee? If you're very carb-sensitive (they reckon about 1/4 of the population is) then the caffeine in the coffee could well be making you hungry. I had problems with this - try to buy decaff and see if that helps.

You may well be in ketosis even if the strip says otherwise, because the body produces 2 types of ketone, and the strips can only detect one type - so don't use the sticks as a 100% guide.
no it isn't de-caff ... Urghhhh I feel really miserable. If it's like this for 100 days I don't think i can do it.

Deb G

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I had a bad first 4 days - and in week 3 I suffered a weekend of complete lethargy. Other than that, I felt fine all the way through, as do most people. Try the decaff and see if it helps.

Good luck.


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Hi Betty

Deep deep breaths, and then just write down why you started lighter life. I also had a horrid second week, I was hungry and miserable the whole time. But I stuck to it. It does get better alot better.
I found alot of those initial feelings of hunger where my emotions getting in a huff because I was not feeding them to make them feel bad (maybe just me)
the best advice I can give you is to find something to take your mind off what you are thinking right now.
Sorry hun that you are having a hard time, just tell yourself how good you will feel when you come out of this the other side and you did not give up.

just checked the coffee and it is de-caff.... oh well... I'll have to grin and bear it. Sorry I sound like a right miserable cow! lol... I'll get there in the end. Thanks everyone x

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Whenever I thought I was hungry, I wuld glug a lot of water - often times we confuse thirst for hunger, and as you are drinking water now, your body will want more and more, therby making you thirsty. When you feel hungry, try having several large chugs of water.

That is what sateves of hunger pangs for me when I feel them.

Hang in there - it won't last 100 days like this. Honest!!
I know exactley how You feel ………………..I too felt really bad the 1st 2 weeks headaches hunger PMT a cold. I couldn’t get my head round the fact that all the others in my group felt fab and I felt c**p. Please hang in there you maybe a late developer like me ………………because going into my 3rd week I feel wonderful. I thought in those 1st 2 weeks “I’ll never do this” but shows how wrong you can be. And let’s face it we must be at the end of our tether to go on such a drastic programme as LL. So just focus on the end result because it must be what you really really want, you have come this far don’t give up now. It will get better ….promise. :D
thanks Kassy... I'll hang in there.


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Betty the 2nd week was a bad week for me and a few of us in the group but the third was better, am not saying its dead easy but once the weight starts to melt away you will not beleive the incentive that gives you. Hang on in there babes you'll be glad you did.
Keep going Betty, you can do this, just concentrate on the the end result. It will improve most definately. I am doing things now I havnt done for years.

Mucking out the horses now day is an absolute doddle, whereas previously I would come in puffed, sweaty and aching all over.

Go for it think I can I can I can and smile.

Sending you positive vibes.:vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes:
haha loves the vibes lady :D Thanks everyone. One things for sure, I could never cope without everyone on here. Thanks xxx


Happily pro pointing!
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It really does get better, honestly.
You just need to stay Positive Betty ;)
You will start feeling really great soon, your energy will be back.
I know they say you won't be hungry once in ketosis, but our minds still tell us we are, especially when we are low. That does stop too.
Unless there is something you are eating, drinking or adding to your packs that is off plan you will be in ketosis.
Hi Positivebetty!!!! 11lbs Weight Loss In One Week........................wow................................surely This Is Enough Motivation!!! I Still Felt Hungrey In The Second Weight :0( But Guaranteed 100% As Soon As You Reach The End Of The 2nd Week U'll Get Used To The Feeling & Will Not Want To Cheat As You Have Come So Far
Hi get slim... thnaks.. I do feel better this evening. Been pampering myself, hot bath, paint nails etc.

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