Sliced and diced!!!
I am really struggling with CD and was wondering whether to switch to SW :confused:

Would anyone be willing to let me know what their average weightloss was for the first 3 months?

Also, if anyone has done SW from a start weight of above 25 stone, I would be really interested to hear your experience.


Ollie x
Hi Ols

Sorry to hear you're struggling babes, I know how much effort you have put into the whole thing.

Why don't you take the plunge - stop thinking about it, questionning it, and just start doing SW? I know it's scary moving plans, but it's got to be better than the cycle of feeling bad about yourself cos SS is not for you.

Just my thoughts honey
im sorry your struggling,i have done sw it didnt work for me as i have pcod and carbs dont get the weight off easily with pcod,and i dont like meat much so couldnt just do red days.
I think most people lose 1-2 lbs a week on SW maybe more to start at the begining but I dont know,my mum has just done WW and is 57 and has a very under active thryoid and started septmb 2005 12st10 shes 4ft 11inc :eek: and got to target 8st 12 sept 2006,i know your very differant but try sw as it does work for loads of people xxc

I just made the move myself, and have my first meeting tonight. Have been following the seven day diet plan from the internet. If I manage to either maintain or lose at weigh in tonight I will be pleased.
I know I feel that I will be able to shed my last stone with this plan, but if it is rapid weight loss you want then VLCD is the way to go if you can do it. I did and lost huge amounts of weight and have kept it off so far, but had to make the change because of health issues.
I'll let you know how it goes. Best of luck whatever you do.

I use weightlossresources and just use slimming world for weigh-ins, as SW doesn't end up giving me enough calories to lose weight safely and consistently without going into starvation mode. I need 3600 calories to maintain and 2600 to lose 2lbs a week. I have been hitting 1500 with SW and am absolutely stuffed; that might mean last week I lost 3 pounds despite only sticking to it for 2 days cause of birthday and bad illness, but it isn't something I could maintain as my body gets into the loop. So I am giving myself about 2000 calories a day which will mean, by the law of physics I will lose 3 pounds a week (sometimes more, sometimes less, that's how bodies work), but I am learning that everything that goes in my gob has a calorie value and holds consequences for my weight. Hopefully, the weight will stay off and I will look great for it.

Good luck, ollie. As I said on your other post, VLCDs are not for everyone, particularly people like me with a diagnosed eating disorder who will abuse the diet. That is why CD won't let me do it but LL would :confused: I think you have to find one way that suits you best and stick to it; be good to your body and treat it with respect and you will get great rewards!
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Hiya Ollie

From one struggler to another, wished I had the answer for you hun. But if you are struggling with one plan - switching to another may help you in the long run.

Or try an idea I read by Haylee where you start at the top of the CD programs and work your way down.

My true thoughts are though that its the head that is stopping us from following any plan, be it CD/CS/RC.

Also I know that one of Janell clients has lost loads of weight by having 3 packs and plenty of chicken in the evening - i.e more than the 3/6 oz thing.

The main thing is to find something that you can stick to on a consistent basis and whatever you do - don't give up.

But how many Day 1's do we have to have to realise that this is not working - Keep trying different strategies and one will click for you.

I think once us strugglers let go of the SS is the holy grail mentality, it's like a weight lifted off your shoulders.

Take care babes

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Yes - Easier said than done though - Still working on it

18 Days till Bootcamp - Yippee !!!!!!!!!!

I struggled with Cd for just 11 days and I personally found it unbearable; dont get me wrong its a fabulous plan with quick results but I found myself miserable and totally starving and obsessed with food (despite being in Ketosis from day2).

I changed to a 1600 calories per day diet following Paul Mckenna. I am now following Paul McKenna exclusively as I feel ready to drop the safety net of calorie counting. I am loosing weight slowly - very slowly compared to some but im fine with that as I am enjoying my food, living a normal life and teaching myself some excellent habits that will stand by me in the future.
Diets are so individual - play around a bit over the next few weeks and give yourself some time to see what you like. Or if you have tried all the diets before really think about what worked and what didnt work for you.
Good luck with whatever you decide.

Excellent stuff, Andi, you are doing so well; you echo what I was trying to get across: treat your body with respect and love (it should come from you first, not others), and you will see results. My loss may be slow but the fast loss I saw on LL when I was miserable and my eating disorder worsened, ended up being a fast gain and being heavier than I was before. I am comfortable with what I am doing; I truly believe that is the key.
I would echo Horsey Carrie, I have started slimming world, coming straight off cambridge and was expecting some gain this week.I am amazed at the first few days results. So far according to my surgery scales last night I was down 2lbs. I put on a suit I havent worn for years this morning and it looks good. I have been on slimming world since last Thursday, but weighed in on Monday in club and yesterday afternoon on the surgery scales. These are MY scales, are in calibration out by 10 grammes at 150kilos!!! Not bad huh, they are over 50 years old but dont fix what aint broke i say!
So far so good, I am enjoying the freedom this plan gives, but am a little concerned about how much I have to eat, but if its working who am I to complain. Best of luck with whatever you chose.

Hi Ols:)

Hope your week is getting better by the minute.:)

I tried SW when I was over 25 stone, I lost loads (4 stone) then gave up - won't bore you with my list of excuses..

SW definitely works as long as you stick to it. Just like any of these diets/eating plans/schemes etc.

SW was good fun too and, if you have a good group and leader then fab!

You'll never be hungry on it as you are allowed to each huge quantities of food, however, for me that wasn't good as when I finished I simply ate large quantities of ALL foods! lol

For me, it was harder doing that than this, too much temptation, too easy to pop something in the mouth (food!!) and forget I had.. BUT, as I said, it can work if it is stuck to 100%.

The key is , I believe,

a) how motivated we are and how ready we are to really apply ourselves (hence the countless times I've tried and failed)

b) finding the one that works for you (not so easy! - but when you find it you will know it!)

c) accepting that whichever you choose you will experience both good and bad times regardless

That's my take on it. I do hope you find YOUR one soon hun. I think I may have found mine! :D (heck, it's only taken me 30 odd years!!!!);)
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And thanks for all the wonderful replies :)

I really do agree with a lot that has been said here... and I am meeting up with the local SW lady on Tuesday morning to discuss how my strict diet can work into the Green Day plan

The problem is, not only am I a veggie, but I have days where I can't face anything but fruit and yoghurt due to my Thyroid - other HypoT sufferers have said the same... it's weird and frustrating! :rolleyes: :eek:

Anyhow... I am really excited to speak to her, as I am just struggling with CD and can't get past Day 4 :(

I really agree with you, Shazzer... if I can get past this 'SS is the only way for me' mentality, I should be ok with SW.

And just as FFF mentioned, if I stick to it, I should be ok - my only problem is I get bored with food, and stuff for no reason :eek:

If there is anyone on SW who's start weight was over 25 stone, I would be really happy to hear about your weightlosses :)

Thanks again, guys... I will keep you posted ;)

Met the local SW lady today and am very, very, VERY excited about starting next Tuesday :D

Can't wait... 8 months to get to 100kgs... I think it's possible and so did the SW lady... I think I had better start chomping those super foods!!! ;)

NIce to hear that you will be joining slimming world. It really is a great plan and once you get used to it it is really easy to follow.

Good luck with Tuesday although you won't need it, keep us posted with how its going.

Love Busy XX
go ols!!

i want to hear about some fantastic losses when i get back ok!

good luck hun, you can do it. x
Good luck with SW!!!!!!

Like the lady who replied to you on Pg1, I also have PCOD (PCOS) and insulin resistance as a result and I have always lost well on SW, but I have to be careful with my green days. I have the first 4 days after weigh in as green, then change to red for the rest of the week or else those carbs just stick to me like glue!

As you go on with it you'll get to know what works for you and what doesn't. We're all different. BUT the good news is as long as you stick to the plan you'll be eating better and healthier than you probably have in a long time. Enjoy it, and enjoy the weight loss!!!!