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Feeling a bit miserable as not had a weigh in this week but my scales only reading 2 lbs off - which is okay, but its the water I'm struggling with. I think I'm drinking 8/9 + glasses a day but simply forget to keep a track. How does everyone else make sure you have enough? Rushing around after the baby is half the reason..I just get sidetracked!

Also now that I'm into the 11s - does the weight loss slow down this quickly? At this rate its going to take me weeks to shift another stone :cry:
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To keep track of my water I fill a 2 litre bottle in the morning and try to have it finished (and if possible a second one finished too) by the time I go to bed. That way you know exactly how much you have to go until you've filled your quota and I find it a lot easier than keeping count of glasses :) Hope that helps some x
Hiya Redfluffmonster, i dont know the answers to some of your quetions, but about the water.

ive got 5 water bottles, rangeing in size from 1.5 litres to 330ml.

i fill them up before i go to bed and pop them in the fridge.

then i carry one with me all day. upstairs, downstairs, outside, in the car. !!!!! it gets a bit tedious, but it seems to work, i've done about 2.5litres aready. it just seems quicker and easier to get a predone bottle and move around with it:D:D


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i know what you mean about the water, i have a 1lt bottle now so it's easier to count.
i just had to jump on the scales this morning and not too happy as i have only lost 1lb since Saturday, feeling a bit miserable now, damn those scales
Yep i do the bottle method. Much easier, looks alot but if its by your side all day your suprised how much you will drink, just out of subconsiousness


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2lbs is 2lbs. What hight are u Nicky. They say ur weight loss slows when ur BMI drops under 23. U are doing very well. U must look good 2.
The bad thing about LT is it makes you feel that any loss under 5lbs is a bad one!
I think i am the same.. but in all honesty, a loss is a loss. Its not a gain and thats what we are avoiding! Keep your water up, cos thats good for your body. and stay active it will keep your mind off "struggling" .

You will lose your weight and when you do it will feel great! woohoo
i buy the 1lt bottles with the sports cap i keep refilling them up and sticking them in the fridge it surprising how many bottles you get through just having sips out of them throughout the day im getting 5 litres down me without really noticing x
I'm around 5'5 but carry most of my weight around middle and bottom/thighs! Face and top half look alot better already so I am really pleased - just worried that not enough water was slowing things down - BMI I think is around 28 now? not sure


Says it as it is!!!
middle bottom and thigh....yup here too....must be a Nicki thing lol
I have a piece of paper on the fridge and tick off every pint... i do mine before and after work and any that have at work is a bonus!
Try dinking half a pint every hour! you will fly xx
I have 3 500ml bottles on the go, 2 in the fridge 1 I drink from. I try and keep count but often forget through the day. I get through about 7 to 10 bottles a day. I'm on my 6th at the mo. (I think!)

I find it easier to drink throughout the day rather than try and drink too much in the evening. I don't include any coffees in my water total.

thanks for that, I think that I've been incuding black coffee in my fluid total so that's maybe where I've gone wrong. Have a large litre bottle of water by me as I type!!

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