:( Hi everyone,
I was thrilled with my first weeks weigh-in yesterday, having lost 10 pounds, but today Im really struggling.My husband is watching 'ready steady cook' which doesnt really help so Ive decided to have a moan online. Hope you dont mind. Any advice available? I have been a vegetarian for years but was sooooooooo tempted by my son's chicken today. I did actually resist though.
It is only day 8 and I am hoping to continue with lipotrim until Xmas. Anyone else stopping for Xmas?
Sorry to hear you're struggling - you're perfectly normal though: we'd not be quite human if we didn't have the 'urge' to eat (even if we don't act on it!)

You had a fantastic for weigh in: within the next week or so, you'll have cracked that first stone and then those pounds and stones will just stack up behind you ... cue the new you!

I'll be having a break for Christmas (although I've been on CD for almost 7 months so I don't have the same level of burning determination as I did at the start).

I've already moved over to the 790 plan to lose my last 2st 12lb and also to take the edge of my urge to eat the world when Christmas comes! Any weight I gain I can easily sort out in January: I'm a lot more relaxed now than I used to be. I'm not as terrified of gaining a few pounds over a certain event (Christmas, holiday etc) now I know CD is there as a safetly net.

I know some will say I shouldn't think of it like that but I've spent 20 years obese so I doubt if I'll ever be a 'saintly slim-bod' ... it's more likely I'll bob up and down around the same half a stone, using CD as my 'get out of jail free' card! ;)
:) Hey F&F!

:D Firstly well done on your 1st WI, 10lbs is fab! I had my week1 W"I after my restart and lost 8lbs so I'm hot on your heels!!
:( Oh hun, so sorry to hear that you are struggling. What I do is remove myself from foody situations, which may mean banning my hub/son from eating near me...defo not having foody programmes on. The fact my hub is a fine chef doesn't help! OK so sometimes I enjoy providing the food for my family but when I'm having a hard day with SSing I need to avoid at all costs. Luckily my family understand and support me by 'doing one!'
:rolleyes: Try some disstractions, like shopping online for your News years eve outfit in a size less than what you are now, picture how fab youre gonna look. Dont let the food win!! I have been in a situation where I got obsessed with wanting some I gave in and got back on luckily! I mean had it been choc i was craving it may have been a different story!
;) Have you trued the arcade games on this site, they have been a great distraction for me as has plucking my eyebrows and keeping on top of my bits and bobs, nails etc!
Hope you get through this tough time and remember there are tons of people in here ready to support you!

:p Onwards and downwards
:D Eyes on the prize
Sorry you are struggling. I am just glugging down the water........and come on here or brush my teeth if I am really finding it hard.

Best of luck. I just had my first weigh in today. So we are in this together !


great loss so far, and i hope the struggle lessens, it is hard but try to remember how you felt when you were told your weight loss and keep that in your head keep strong it will all be worth it,
weigh day today!

Just letting you know Ive lost 4 pounds today. Thats a stone in 2 weeks. Im chuffed!
Ive cancelled so many Xmas meals though so feel a bit of a party pooper. There is one Xmas lunch that I cant get out of so do you think it would be ok to omitt a shake and just eat protein and veg/salad? I dont want this to hamper my diet so early as Ive managed well so far.:rolleyes:
Hi F & F

Well done on your loss.

Its best not to skip a shake, even if you are going to eat, as you need the nutrients etc. When I have done it in the past, I have felt very rough for the following couple of days. I am also on Lipo. If you stick to protein and vegs (not root vegs tho) you should be OK.

Hope this helps.