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I will do this!!!
Thats what many say. You must drink at least 2L a day coz you need to flush those little ketones out!

I drink mine cold from the fridge. If you sip it throughout the day you'd be amazed how much you can get through. Don't forget you can have it in the form of black tea or coffee or peppermint tea.

At the start I struggled to drink 2L a day but now find I am thirsty if I don't have 3.5/4L in a day now!

Hang in there hun, you can do this.

im not sure, some people swear it, but i always stick to 2.5 litres as i cant somach sooo much water and ive had fab losses!


I will do this!!!
The other thing is i just dont feel thursty! ill have my shake and sit down to do my college work then before i know it its time for my next shake and i havent drunk anything!!!
How do you drink it? I have a bottle with me at all times and keep sipping from it. I do have times when I realise I haven't been drinking but not often as long as I have a bottle with me at all times.

Good luck hun.



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2 litres of water minimum per day - you should really add 500mls for every stone overweight to this amount though - upto a maximum of 6 litres a day - no more than that!!!

i was drinking between 4 and 5 litres at the start of this diet - i still have between 3 and 4 litres now.

If you do up ur intake make sure with every stone u lose you drop the amount of water u drink - until u get to the 2litre daily average.
me too! the only time i feel genuinely thirsty is first thing in the morning, when i probably have about a litre!


I will do this!!!
Iv got a bottle next to me but i just almost forget to drink. Ill try to keep drinking :(

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