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Hya guys......... I am really starting to struggle with this diet now. Its been 4 days now since i started, and im seriously beginning to miss my food, and wander if i should just try to eat sensibly. I have got 7 stone to lose, but at this moment in time really wonder if the shakes are the right way to go. I know that the weightloss is rapid on this diet, and to date i havnt cheated yet, but my stomach is crying out for some proper food.
I really dont want to give up now as im already starting to see the results, and im really loving them. One of my other problems though is that i hate drinking water, and struggle to get through a 1Litre bottle.....I had constipation yesterday:(....what am i going to do??????
I would really welcome some encouraging words right now, as i feel very very close to the edge..... Some reasurrance please....

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I will do this!!!
Iv got 7 stone to lose too and im on week 6 and im already 2st2lbs lighter and i feel sooooo good! The 1st week is hard but trust me it does get so much easier and now i dont give a monkies about food id rather lose the weight than eat! dont give up yet!!!
If you only knew how that has made me feel. Thank you sooooooo much:jelous::jelous:. Thank you for replying so quickly too. I believe that i can do this, and i will succeed in reaching my goal weight. Its great knowing ther are people here to give support right when you really need it......Thanx



I will do this!!!
theres always someone on here if you ever need a chat or any questions answered! its a great forum with great people :) welome to LT :)
Stick at it mate! Im on day seven now and ive lost 11 pounds! Just think of how u will feel after you have eaten that horriable feeling of dissapointment! I felt so down on day 4 i could have cried i came on here and got lots of encoragment so that made me feel better!

I have really bad period pains today (bit to much detail) but this has made me feel a bit rubish but i know that it will all be worth it. Just remember we are all in this together and going through the same thing.

Stay strong :-D
wait til week 1 is over i bet you wont miss food then, iv been on lt for 14 weeks now im due to do refeed in 2 weeks and tbh im gonna miss the shakes! good luck x
Stick to it only a few days to weigh in and you are surely in ketosis by now so keep up the good work and when you are feeling down log on here to get support there are alot of truely inspirational people here will help and guide you through the bad days and cheer you on with your weight loss because they know and understand every thing you are going through because they are going through it or have been through it so keep goin you can do this for yourself.
You have all made me teary....i know im being silly, but the support for me is overwhelming. Thanks, i am so rearing to go now.........You should see the smile on my face....its huge!
We are all here to help each other you will find in a few weeks you will be giving some other new person advice and edging them on no thanks needed
Hi Fat2fit
We have all felt the way you are feeling at one time or another but please believe us when we say it WILL get easier and you will be so glad you have stuck with the diet.
I am at the stage now where it has just become a way of life and I feel so happy with myself for sticking at it and seeing the pounds just melt away.
Once you just yourself into a routine with LT it is actually the easiest diet you will ever need to do.
Seven stone is very easily achievable with LT so stick with it and just remember we are all in the same boat on this forum so if you ever feel like giving up you know where to come xxx


Is Irrepressible!! : )

I am now on my 10th week of LT and have lost 3 stone out of 5 that I wanted to get rid of. The first few days are tough and I couldn't cook or go near food for 2 weeks as there is always that temptation. As for the constipation- I thoroughly recommend picking up some fibreclear at your next weigh in and you can always use Senekot or Ducolax to sort yourself out (although ducolax is the harsher laxative of the two).
The results that you will get at your first WI will more than make up for wanting to eat- and that will spur you on for the following weeks. Well done for starting and long may you continue xxxx
Excellent -keep a hold of that inspired feeling. I'm only on day 3 and was struggling too. I have just had a burst of motivation myself but the thing about this diet is that its as psychological as it is physical and you do start to convince yourself that it will be much easier to do another way...But haven't we all already tried? I've 6 stone to lose so we're basically the same -let's keep each other on this eh?

I am also in my first week and trust me I struggled upto my third day I craved everything but now i feel great only started on wed and I can feel the difference already I have to say green tea and peppermint tea has been my life saver as it does take away the hunger pangs,

stick with it and it will all be worth it I have seen my mum lose weight and she seems so much happier now.
Thanks for reminding me about peppermint tea, i havnt had any in the past few days, will have to get back on that one. Think i'll go put the kettle on now.....ummm
I felt like I was struggling on day1 so by day 4 I was about on my knees. I kept writing on here and everyone kept me going. The water is the key to this diet. I carry 500ml bottle everywhere with me. I never drank water before this diet. I'm now on week 3 and it's becoming a way of life.
You can do this, it really works, I wake every morning now looking forward to seeing if I can see a difference somewhere on me.

Please the 1st week is hell, try and see it as a challenge. If you get through this week you can do anything!!!

Good luck and keep drinking that water and keep talking on here they are brill:patback::patback:
Thank you. I think the hardest thing for me has been still having to cook meals for my family. I have two boys aged 4 and 2 that still need me to do everything for them, my hubby dosnt mind too much helping himself if he has to. I very nearly dived into my younger sons pasta dish earlier. That drive to eat is so strong. I have been drinking more water though...i do wonder if il ever get used to it. I just wish we could drink flavoured water, i would have no problem then.
Nic x


Is Irrepressible!! : )
I forgot to mention the peppermint tea!

During my first couple of weeks- and I would recommend this to anyone- if ever I felt a bit hungry I would have a cup of hot peppermint or earl grey tea. Hot stuffs actually fill you up more than cold stuffs do so always have one after a shake if at all possible. xxx

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