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Staying positive is the key... ok so you sts this week.. but think of the good you are doing for your body by going to the gym!

I think what you are doing is great so keep at it and don't look at it as a struggle look at every day as a new adventure that you can embrace.

Best of luck


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well done for sticking to it hun - hopefully next week you will reap the rewards. How much do you wanna lose? x


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I find that when i stayed the same previously the following week i would have a good loss. Stay positive and think of your final goal.


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I know it's hard, I was sooooo peeved when I sts for 2 weeks despite being uber good.. but stayed with it and have lost 5 lbs in the last 2 weeks..

Keep going hun, have you got a food diary on here? People might be able to help if they can see what you're eating...



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i want to lose about 10 stone so i know its a long road a had,and i think i will do a food diary many thanks

sarah xx