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stick with it hunni , i done it last year and succesfully lost 5 stone you can do it good luck xx


weighs a lot less
the first week is the hardest hun , but the first weigh in is really worth it , keep busy and it will fly by im on week 8 of my restart and im 3.5 stone down , you can do this xxx
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Hello Maggie keep at it its so worth it. In a few days you'll find it so much easier. I find if I'm getting desperate just do something anything even if its going to the loo again and it passes sometimes its just getting through one minute at a time but honestly when it comes to the following day and you didnt give in the feelings amazing. You can do it :grouphugg:


Here we go again!
Sorry you're struggling Maggie. Please try and stick with it, it really is worth it. I'm on week 23 now and am 7stones down! I've had my tough days on this but just think about why I am doing this. Mainly for health reasons I just had to do it this time. Other diets have tried and failed but his one has worked wonders.

Log on here anytime you're feeling low and need a boost, cos there's always someone here to help.

Just imagine yourself wearing those clothes you've always wanted to or doing that special thing that weight has always stopped you from doing.

You can do this, together we all can.


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Hang in there it does get so much easier and the losses are so worth it. I'm on week 4 now and some days I struggle to get 3 shakes down me cos i'm just not that hungry. I have also found keeping really busy is the best thing and this forum is really inspirational:gen126:


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Just take it one day at a time but do set yourself goals.

I'm back to get my 3lbs off - I know I'm still overweight but I wanted to get my weight back in control before it took off again.

Good luck.
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Hi Maggie1

Hang in there lady. Don't give up yet, wait until your weigh-ins and they start showing the losses. You will find you lose so much more weight on this programe than any other diet. Drink water if you feel hungry or go out for a quick walk..better if its past the clothes shops where you can drool over new 'slim you' outfits for the future.
Good luck!!:patback:
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Hi Maggie
So sorry to hear your finding it hard. Hang in there though hun, it really is worth it. Go for a walk, or make a list of all the things you can do to keep you busy so you can take your mind off eating. I found if I told myself I had to drink a certain amount of water every hour it was like a challenge and then I didnt feel like eating at all.

When you get to the weigh in and see how well youve done it really does show how worth it and great this diet is. And it does get sooo much easier.
I think everyone on here has had hard days so yes, just log on and have a chat and youll get lots of support and encouragement.
Hope you feel better soon hun xox Missy


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try and stick with it, it can be hard but really worth it :) think a slim and healthier you!


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hi maggie1

just done 2 weeks and it really does get easier one day a not hungry switch will click in your brain and then you will be away. drinking water and brushing teeth helps and tho I know it sounds silly I think fizzy water tastes thicker than flat and seems more satisfying?!? keep going with it and you will be at goal in no time. how many days have you done btw?


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Hi Maggie
Stick with it - I dont think you will regret it. It requires 100% commitment and if you give it this, it will repay you in lovely fast weight loss.
It isnt easy, but it is worth it...just look at some of the weight losses on the forum to keep you going.
It is a life change but one worth changing and you just have to learn how to do things differently. It is achievable and hope you are feeling a bit better.
Jump on the forum when you feel you need to rant or just observe, etc....
Take care

Wobbley Woo

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Hang in there Maggie :) Do some cleaning or washing, I have plenty if you want to do some of mine :p
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keep yourself busy is the key to this diet

stick with it as everyone says its very much worth it
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Hope ypu feel much better this morning, Maggie. I know you can't believe it but if you stick 100% to LT, there will very soon come a time...in the next few days to a week, when you are NOT hungry!!! I was close to tears a few times in the first 2 weeks, but I kept coming onto this site and getting loads of encouragement from reading peoples successful losses and advice.....Please, please don't give up!!!


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everyone is so right hun. keep with it and you won't regret it. have a peppermint tea or some fizzy water and it'll pass. cravings only last a few mins so it will tide you over.

i felt so sorry for myself in my first week, that i felt like i was talking myself out of it, but on week 4 now, 23lbs down and getting weighed again tonight. it's so exciting to see it coming off that it will keep you spurred on.

i always pamper when i'm struggling. face masks, exfoliations, nails all that keeps your hands busy and keeps you feeling good about yourself.

good luck xxx


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:cry:I am really struggling today and would love some encouragement for anyone!!!
Hi Maggie, honestly you will get through thi and the scales will prove that it was worth it, like everyone says, it does get easier!

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