Stuck for ideas!


Hi everybody.

I have just started SW, im not going to classes as i already have the books. The thing i get stuck with, (i did last time) is what to take for lunch at work. I dont have time in the mornings to make anything (up and out the house by 6.15am) so whatever i have, has to be made the night before or at work. We do have a microwave and a fridge at work.
Last time i done SW i tend to live on low fat super noodles and mugshots! for dinner. Any ideas would be great :)
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tin of beans, tin of spaghetti, tin of ravioli etc..
cous cous, either the flavoured sachets or buy a big bag and some veg stock cubes.. (just add boiling water.. )
eggs? either boiled at home and taken in fresh and scrambled at work..
half a pack of "crab sticks" ( aka seafood sticks ) and some salad or cut veg?


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I like to take leftover chilli and a partly baked jacket potato (you could cook it the night before) and then just warm them in the microwave
Yummy and free!


mmmm yummy. Never thought about the jacket pot thing!
Are crabsticks free?
I've got left over pasta salad from tonight so tomorrow sorted.
I didnt think about taking eggs in either to scramble at work!

*Sally Cinnamon*

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I like to make lots of soup (2/3 pots a week) then I have some and freeze the rest. I also take a lot of pasta salads, cous cous and Thai noodle salads. I have a stash at work of tuna, activia snack pots, mug shots, rice, crispbreads and LC cheese triangles & fruit. Leftovers are a favourite too, such as chilli or stews



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Have a search, there a many lunch idea threads.
Try to plan your meals to allow for leftovers, so cook extra so there is leftovers for lunch that can be heated in microwave. Maybe on a weekend batch cook a load of things to have as frozen SW ready meals, that you can just take out the night before and microwave at work.

more for summer ideas, but you could have salad ingredients in the fridge at work and make it up at work, maybe take some cooked pasta to add to it.

Jacket potatoes with beans and cheese, chilli, tuna

home made soups


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crabsticks are free on EE and red, 1 syn each on green...


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I take leftovers from the previous nights tea in for my lunch. When I make dinner - be it Sunday roast, spaghetti, chilli, stirfry, I always make enough for 3 portions. One for me, one for OH and a slightly smaller one for my lunch. Put in a tupperware box and heat up for a few minutes at lunchtime!

If I haven't got leftovers I take jacket potato/cheese/beans or worse case scenario I take salad with boiled egg/ham/tuna.

Today I have got spag bol! Lush!!



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I have a freezer full of soup! I just take a bag out the night before and heat it up in the microwave at work x


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I've always got some bagged salad in the fridge, so together with leftovers and the usual things in the cupboard or fridge, I can always throw a salad together before going to bed.


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I like to have a day where I do some batch cooking and make up things like soup, cottage pie, spag bol, curry etc.
Or I make myself something the night before, I hate boring lunches at work (it's the only part of the day at work I enjoy so got to make it exciting lol).
I love things like
Stuffed peppers with savoury rice & salad.
Low fat supernoodles with cheese & ham.
Leftover dinners, like spag bol, curry, casserole etc.
Sandwiches stuffed with lots of salad and ham.
Tuna pasta salad.
Jacket potatoes.
Baked bean lasagne.
macaroni cheese.
potato & spinach bake.
Scan bran pizza's.
baked beans on toast.
Slimming world quiche & salad.
Quorn Chilli.
Tuna mayo wrapped in a ww tortilla with cheese.


wow thanks for all the ideas, must write some of these down.
I havent been on here for a week or so and there have been 33825 posts so i have a lot to read!

I did go off the rails the last few days lol, We were at the trade fair in Birmingham so stayed over, i took lots of nice things to munch on in the car but then we ate out that night then again the next day!Surprisingly i still lost 1lb. We are at an event on Saturday so im preparing things tomorrow to take so we dont end up buying something.

I had a lovely tea tonight, wedges with garlic, rosemary and pepper with roasted chunks of red onion, with chicken n mushroom pasta in sauce. So simple and was so tasty, i could of ate it all over again, and it was free!