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Stuggling to get 600cal meal


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So have my meal for lunch but yesterday i had smoked river cobbler, potatoes, sweetcorn and sprouts (just over 400cals)

Today i had 2 slices of wholemeal bread with LF soft cheese with garlic, ham and salad leaves with another fillet of river cobbler, sweetcorn, tomato & cucumber which came to 555 calories.

I felt absolutly full after both of these meals and todays meal felt like too much.

Is this going to be a problem?

Im still having 3 snacks a day of 100cals and thats a banana, apple & yog and another bit of fruit.
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Why don't you got for less bulky meals with a higher calorie content like a dollop of cremefraiche and pesto on your salmon or on your pasta? Or reduce the dinner and have some dried apricots or something as "dessert?" Or have smaller ones with 200 cals with a shake and 400 for dinner??


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Hmmm ... i duno. Im quite liking just my one meal and then my 3 little snacks. It seems to be suiting me as i havnt picked for 2 days :D but im just worried that not having a 600cal meal is guna do me harm.
There's always the risk that if you aren't getting enough cals it will slow down your weight loss...you could always add a bit extra to your snacks..50 cals each snack would give you the cals you need daily and could be added really simply? Or you could try using half fat milk rather than skimmed for your shakes?


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tallyed up my cals for today and it comes to 1,255 .... which is only 95 off the average for someone on 2shakes, 1 meal and 3 snacks. I guess thats not too low is it? x
Nope but as Kes (I think it was) advised you don't want to be forcing yourself to eat when you feel full as you need to develop that "slim persons" natural way of eating till satisfied then stopping..otherwise you risk the yo yo rollercoaster.
I don't know if my dinner cals come to 600. I just eat my normal foods but control my portions, my dinners were never pie and chip type things anyway. As i only started on monday, i will see at my next weight in how i'm doing then go from there.
Ok now im soooo confused!!! People are always talking about "if you dont eat enough, you wont lose weight. If you eat less than 1200 calories you wont lose weight" etc etc but how come people on CD, LL, LT do so well on only 500 ish calories a day? And models who only eat like 800-1000 a day? Am I being dumb and missing a vital point? Because Im on Slimfast and have cut out bread, pasta, rice and potatoes and have lost 3lbs 4 days but am only getting to around the 1000 calorie mark a day


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Plum ... im afraid i dont know how to answer that one ... well i have one thought - on a TFR you are getting all the nutrients and vitamins you need for your body to survive which is why it works but if you just do very low cal eating your not getting enough of everything for your body to function which results in your body going into starvation mode therefore = no weight loss.

I hope that makes a little sense.


Today is much better. I have made a herby breaded chicken breast. (1 chicken breast, dunked in flour, beaten egg & wholemeal breadcrumbs with herbs) sweet potatoe mash and brussel sprouts :)
Hi Plumjuice.. those models who live on 800 cals day usually end up with significant health problems in their old age (heart problems... osteoporosis etc).. if they live that long that is!

Also the VLCDs require you be a specific BMI before you are allowed on them and the theory is that the VCLD in the short term is a lesser risk for your health than the Diabetes, Heart Disease risk etc, that comes with being clinically/morbidly obese... the word morbid does mean death after all. VCLDs were originally designed to be medically supervised and for those with health conditions and needed to lose weight fast to save their lives / make them fit for life saving surgery and were never meant to be used in the regular population and a lot of GPs refuse to be involved in them. There is also a lot of research going on into VCLDs that is indicating there may be cause for concern but as yet no formal position has been taken.

In the general population it is a simple equation of less calories (to a certain limit because your body needs a certain level to function on a basic level) and more movement = weight loss. There is a way of working out how many calories per kg weight you should be eating to maintain a healthy weight and if you eat too few and/or eat a diet that is not nutritionally balanced you risk damaging your health.

Hope that helps explain a bit?

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