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Sorry for the moan, i have tried to restart so many times. was doing so well but just cant get back on that damn waggon. dont know what i weigh? dare not look:cry::break_diet:anyway my size 14 work trousers feel tight but not buying bigger ones. what am I thinking of? I was doing ssssoooooooooooooooo well then I ate, and ate, and ate:(kick me.................:cry:xmas is coming not just the goose getting fat!!!

sharon xx
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You are doing so well skinnymonkey don't be hard on yourself - I have hit a wall right now and I'm taking it day by day. First challenge is 7 days model SS, set yourself a small goal to work for and you could still make a huge difference by Christmas on top of what you have already successfully acheived. Remeber a lot of the tighness in your clothes will be eased as soon as the carbs go down as that will cause bloating and make you feel big in your clothes so it can be easily fixed! I'm off to take my own advice now and I will not resort to junk to make me happy today - hope you find your way again!
Sharon you are better than this.
Nothing worth having is going to come easy, and looking those cream eggs right in the eye and saying "I'm not going to let you ruin any more of my life" is a difficult thing to do. (By the way, doing that in sweet shops tends to get you kicked out of them)

My advice would be to STOP EVERYTHING. Turn off the TV, put down books, sit in the bathroom, lock the door and think. Think of the weight as a big bully, and think of all those times that that bully has put you down and kept you back. Then think about how well you did, think back to the first day on the diet and how you took the bull by the horns and gave it a good kicking and say to yourself... "I am capable of this, and I will do it... and I'm not going to let that bully stop me."

Then play "Eye of the Tiger" ... you'll be more motivated than ever before. There's people here who believe in you.

(just reading that back, I imagined myself on a presidential podium... happy days!)
Come on Sharon, dust yourself down and find that motivation,, it is in there.
You can still get some off by christmas if you get back on track, as icemoose would say "eyes on the prize"


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Sharon, you can be in size 12s for xmas or size 16s. No way do you want the latter - you have done great so far. Get back on board, girl.


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Hey Chick! We have all been there, unfortunately I've been there more times than I care to count! You can be that girl you visualise in your head it just takes a little time and determination. Think of your weight loss as a wonderful journey but with little stops along the way!! I have FINALLY admitted to myself that I won't stick to any plan 100% from beginnign to end but as long as I keep hopping back on I'm ok with that. Good luck Vxx
Oh hun I know just how you feel. I haven't been good at all lately :(
I went into town today trying to find a outfit to go out with on Saturday night and I 'just' managed to squeeze myself into a size 14.
Its so depressing (big sigh)
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Big Hugs hun, come on you know you can do this, you've done it before. Take it one day at a time and promise yourself each day to just make it through until bedtime. Imagine how good you will feel in the changing rooms slipping into your 12s!!


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