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Stupid cheat - WHY!?!

I don't know why but for some reason today I ate pizza, donuts and crisps. And I was doing so well. Not sure what's wrong with me, I haven't even had a hard day or anything.

Feeling stupid and like I've let myself down. Specially as it's WI tomorrow and now i bet I won't have lost anything. Stupid me, banging my head against a brick wall now!

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You'll still have lost fat. It just might not show up on the scales cos you'll have restocked your glycogen and water. You probably had, what, 1000 calories worth of food? In real terms, about a third of a pound, if that? Chances are, you were on course to lose 2 to 3 pounds this week, so when the dust settles and you get back into ketosis, you'll still lose at least 2 pounds. But that 2 pound loss won't show tomorrow. It might even look like a gain - but it isn't!!!

Draw a line. Like this one. :D


And get restarted from NOW. Don't think, s*d it, I'll eat for the rest of the evening too, cos that really might do some proper damage.

Chin up, babe. We've all done it. :hug99:
Thankyou hun! Yes it probably was around that and I guess you're right. I'll fess up to my CDC tomorrow and hopefully she won't kill me!

On reflection I think I did it because I'm going on holiday on Saturday and am taking a break off-plan for the week, and my chatterbox was telling me I may as well just come off-plan now. But NO, I'm not gonna let it win! Fresh start tomorrow and I'm gonna stick to it 100% until I go away. In fact, I feel so sluggish and crap after my cheat I may stick to low carb while I'm away!



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For that, I'm going to bring on the dancing bananas. :D

:banana dancer::banana dancer::banana dancer::banana dancer::banana dancer:


I ♥ CD !!
there l've done it for you we all have days like that, drink plenty of water ;);)
All that matters is that you are back to 100% now. You probably learned from it and the next time you think of cheating, think back on how sluggish you felt today.

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