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stupid comments from other half


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i am starting this thread to see if i am the only whos other half is now complaining that they are losing weight.

Today mine said "i hope you not one of those people that gets ugly when they are thin" and "if your boobs shrink then you will have to leave" but he did tell me once that if i got to a weight that i was happy with he would by me new ones another gem from today "this is going to have to stop i am not buying you new clothes look that top its now baggy"

well do you know what i am using this negativity to spur me on lol
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Oh Kerry, he should be proud of you. Do this for you and no-one else. Tell him to like it or lump it and that you could do without the negitave comments from him xxx
aww hun its a shame he cant be more supportive. he is perhaps feeling insecure, worried that as u lose wight u will become more attractive to other men? You are doing amzing and its great u are using his comments to spur u on!!


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he is supporting me by paying for it as i am out of work and he is cooking more but its the odd comment here and there.

i think its hard for him as he has always loved me from size 10/12 to size 22/24 he never complained i think he just wishes i loved myself.

but it must be hard for our other halves to see us change i know he doesn't mean it in a horrible way.

so i am the only one whos OH is saying these strange things lol
my hubby is great he loves me losing the weight as I was a size 14 when we met and am currently an 18 ....he keeps saying how much he loves my bum now bless him....think he is a bit gutted as i've lost 3 inches from my bust(always first place i lose it from)

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You won't be the only one for sure :) It's great that your changing size never bothered him. That's the way it should be. Try to focus on the support he's giving you instead of the few negitive comments. He loves you and obviously wants you to do well and as you say love yourself.

Just laugh back when he says those things and come back with funny comments. Tell him he'll have to buy you a boob job one day!!!! Tell him to think of the money he's saving now you're not eating rubbish anymore. xxx


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oh i do remind him that he will be buying me new boobs ready for next summer lol
i have never stuck to a diet as strick as this one before but this time i am going to see it through to the end.
my CDC said i would be really good at being a CDC and maybe when i have hit my goal why not lol
am scared i may loose my face and boobs once i loose it can it happen?????

my 3rd day its sooooooo Hard!!!!!!!!!!! but cant wait for the results :)

i love my boobs and if i could choose where to lose it from that would be the last place but if i get replacements may not be so bad lol

i can't wait to get to 15 stone as i have never been lower than that i should get there in a few weeks and after that its the unknown for me


Loves life......

I have seen many changes in my hubby in the last 8wks have to say. He has supported me 100% from day one but I have a sneaking suspicion it was a case of it wont last.............and 8wks later he has commented that I am getting bony...........dont think so still around 13stone, he also complained about my two backs....work it out girls.....was never big anyway even at my largest. He did however take me shopping for my 14's yesterday and said in the shop he is so proud of me.................but I love any negative comments from anyone cos you know what they spur me on and give me more motivation although I am primarily doing this for myself human nature kicks in and you do want approval and to be told you are doing well. I still get a kick when I meet someone I have not see for ages and their reaction to my weight loss.........it is getting like my weekly fix.....lol...........strange lady I know......x
lol i know what you mean i am subborn so when someone says something negative it also spurs me on.

and it sounds like my hubby is the same always saying how proud he is but then the odd comment like you are waisting away lol at size 18 and 16 stone i don't think so.


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Let's just show them exactly what we are capable of and they will be dead proud with the end result...........well we will never know entirely cos once mine says something negative he ends up taking it back because I am quite sensitive and accuse him of not supporting etc and think he finds it easier to twist it and say did not mean it hun just worried you will go too far...blah blah blah..........and I think hang on you never worried bout me when I was stuffing my face and weighed almost 16stone but now you are worried I will diet for too long or get too thin............although he has said there are advantages.....

I now dont drink so get to drive everywhere
He has a better and bigger food choice
I take up less room in the bed.
Apparently I am not as cranky at totm
I seem more confident in myself therefore get ready for going out quicker...........means he gets more pints...........

Could go on and on but wont.....................diets are one thing but men are totally a walking contradiction at times...love them as we may.................x
very well said we will do this and show them and everyone
Hi my husband is on CD with me.

I'm on week 7 and he is on week 6.

He's lost 2st 3lbs and I've lost 2st 4lbs so we have a little competition going on just up until the holiday, he will be at goal by then more than likely, but when we get back I will have to carry on to the bitter end……. scratch that………the sweet, fantastic end.

He is really into it……. he’s brought a steamer so we can have steamed food. He watching health eating programs, and says we will never put the weight back on.

He blames himself for the start of my weight gain, he was working shift when we first got married 20+ years ago and did all the cooking and all he could cook was “pie & chips” “fish & chips” “curry & chips” “Beef Burgers and mashed potatoes with loads of butter” you get the picture.

So now after all this time he’s turned into a health freak………. Long may it last.xxx:D
i noticed you are off to mexico i love it there its my fav place to go.

my hubby keeps saying he might start with me but i am putting him off because its my thing now if we had started together maybe but not now.

but least with your other half when it comes to mainting you will be ready with all his healthy eating knowledge


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My OH is just the same so ur not alone, he says things like well "i hope ur boobs don't shrink and if they do we better replace them" and "what if when your slim you wont want me anymore" he has also mentioned how some people look older when they lose weight and he hope that don't happen to me but i know deep down that its all about his insecurities, i have always been big, he has never seen me slim and so its a case of the unknown for him. seems like my OH and yours sing from the same hymn book.

Its funny how i try to reiterate that i'm doing this for my health and all he can think of is "shrinking boobs" lol men ey ?
lol its all about the boobs
what if we lose weight and live happily ever after ?
well least i am not on my own


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LOL, your not alone hon,
Mine makes comments to me all the time.. Dont lose those boobs, or wheres your bum gone!! and he tells me I love myself.. also I cant stop shopping so Im in trouble for that too.. lol

Stay positive your doing fab.. I know for sure my husband loves me but I also know he feels better having a slim wife on his arm than at fat one xxx

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