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stupid dr


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I started CD a few weeks ago as you know!! my CDC rang last night and told me i need to get my form signed by the dr as i have asthma, wasnt told that a few weeks ago even though i DID tell my CDC i had a medical condition.

Anyway, phone call last night she said there shouldnt be a problem with the dr signing it, went to the drs today, and they REFUSED point blank, in any way, shape or form to sign my form. they dont see it as a 'proper weightloss plan'... told me to eat healthily and exercise.... i spoke to 2 different drs and they both said no..

apparently i cant stay on cd if its not signed, so i guess its the end of my cd journey :cry:
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I didnt think Drs' were supposed to give their views, they were just supposed to sign that you were healthy enough to do the diet, and i didnt think asthma was a contradiction to not do Any of the plans? Can you pay privately for a Dr to sign? think its about £25, but worth looking in too. Obviously im not a consultant, but dont give up just yet. xx
oh no thats not good, stupid doctors!!
is there no way you could see another doctor? or practice nurse? i remember when i did lighterlife (cos everyone had to have form signed doing that) the nurse did mine and was more than happy to sign it, every doctor has a different opinion on CD and LL, mine are very supportive of this but i didnt need mine signing this time. i also remember some people i did LL with had their forms signed at a chemist which i thought was strange but with LL you needed it signing every month after a health check up!
i can imagine this has really upset you, i wonder if there is another way around this and you can find a doctor willing to sign it for you, i hope you can sort this so you can continue your CD journey

good luck


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thats ridicolus they only need to confirm ur fitness, asthma is not necessarily a 'dangerous' condition. pfftt - who asked their opinion?! bless u x


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Do you see a consultant for your asthma? If you do, maybe he could sign the form?


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thank you all..

Im going to ring my specialist in the morning, i even rang my asthma nurse at the hospital and she was shocked i was doing it, to say the least!!

its stupid because i know when my asthma is really bad so i should really know whats healthy for ME, and even losing 10lbs up to now has made a difference in my health, so you'd think they would be more than happy to sign it to say im fit enough. im not stupid, i know when something isnt good for me!

hopefully i'll have more luck with the specialist tomorrow!


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Good luck Pink-Sarah and do let us know how it goes. :)

PS: I am not asthmatic but even my breathing has improved in the 3 weeks I have been following this diet. And it will get better as I am able to exercise.
your doctor is not signing to say he is letting you do the diet, he is signing the form to say that you have informed him you are doing the diet. this has come up so many times. you DO NOT NEED HIS PERMISSION, the form isn't his permission, it's letting him know you are doing it! go back and explain that to him. if he doesn't sign it then go higher! he has no right to not sign it!
every doc gets a letter from your cdc if you do ss. this informs them that you are doing ss.


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Good luck hun, and remember to stand your ground. If needs be, get a letter from CDC stating 'GP is aware - ....does not require 'authorisation' etc - and speak to the Practice manager. That's what I'd do x

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