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...I've lost 2 stone now, and my beautiful ring is too big!!! I may not feel like the weight has come off at all (I always feel like this when I lose weight - can't see the difference at all!!!) but it is safe to say that it has come off of my fingers at least!!!

I am now scared I am going to lose my ring. If I lose my ring I will be heartbroken - it is my mums ring. When my gran died in June 2008 my mum inherited a f*ck off great big diamond cluster ring from her - which was a ring combining my grans engagement ring, her mothers engagement ring and her mother in laws engagement ring. It was hideous - but it contained a total of 15 diamonds! Anyway, my mum decided it was hideous and decided as she had 2 daughters she wanted to design 2 identical rings - 1 for each of us - each containing half the diamonds = that we would each inherit from her when she died. Little did she know at the time she had little more than 2 years left :(

Sorry it's nearly 3am and I am waffling. Point is this ring is so important to me I am terrified of losing it - so terrified I haven't taken it off since I put it on the day of my mums funeral in September. However it seems pointless getting it resized now as I still plan to lose another 8 stone at least!!!

What to do, what to do?
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Maybe just keep it somewhere safe, don't wear it out except for very special occasions, until you are ready to get it resized! Alternatively you could put it on a chain and wear it around your neck :) I have seen that a lot and it looks really nice xxxx


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Wow that ring sounds beautiful. What a great family history it has.

I have had similar thoughts as I got engaged back in August at my heaviest weight (sure my ring is just as beautiful as yours, although it has a lot less history! Hehe)

My fiance did any amazing job at picking a gorgeous ring - and it fit!!! However its started swinging round my finger now, and won't be long until I'm worried about it falling off.

My plan is to buy one of those see through rubber pads you can put on the back of the ring which will make it temporarily feel more secure.

When its too big for that to work I'm going to wear it on my silver chain necklace until I'm ready to have it resized. (really not looking forward to this bit as I love wearing it on my hand :-( )

Ooh just thought - I can move it up and wear it on my fatter fingers for awhile. That's a new plan.

I'm hoping I can be at goal and have it resized before our 1 year anniversary of our engagement.


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hi i am pretty sure that u can get a little clear plastic cap to go on the ring(palm side) and it makes it smaller. most places sell them argos ect x


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I would either put it on a chain and have it round your neck or I would put it by somewhere safe until u lose the weight and get it resized!



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Ohh didn't know you could get a plastic thing to make is smaller - will have a look :)


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Honey, I hope you have got your ring covered under your insurance!! It sounds absolutely beautiful, but please be careful when out and about if its already loose x


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I'm the opposite with my ring.. I was given a claddagh ring for my 18th birthday and never ever too it off until I had to get it cut off last summer because it had gotten really tight and it was beginning to cut into my skin.

It's sitting in a box waiting for when I can get it resized to fit me. I know it's only a claddagh but it's really hard to find one where the hands, heart and crown size are in proper proportion to each other so I loved this one.


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I have a similar problem. My hubby bought me a tiffany ring last year and I've never been able to wear it. But I will one day ;) x

great things

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you either get it resized or wear it around your neck.

i've had my engagement ring resized 3 times now. this time it's gone down another size to an L, she said i could have k1/2 but i thought it might get too tight in the summer. it used to be M and before that N 1/2. i know you can get it reduced to 5 sizes smaller before it's too much for the ring. when i was at my largest i used to buy R fitting. i have rings in my box that i will never wear again and are too big, way too big.