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Stupid moan really

I am being daft really but I was gutted this morning that I put my jeans on and they were to big. I have had these jeans for 3 years and they never fitted and was so happy a couple of months back when I could finally get into them. I know that I am wanting to loose weight and I knew this would happen so why am I being so stupid about this? :cry:
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when i was on LT i got peeved off everytime something i loved to wear didnt fit anymore .. stupid when i knew i would get too skinny for it but we form attachments to things and its sad to say goodbye to them but we have to if we want to be skinnyminnies! :) save up some cash and buy a new sexy smaller pair and in the meantime wear a belt and when people say are they too big say Yes im losing weight and i feel so healthy! :)

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i'm dying for all my clothes not to fit!!! lol

when clothes get too big i feel just as fat because they're hanging off me and look unflattering...but i can't complain.
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Hi,not such a stupid moan,I am thrilled to of lost 2st in the last 12 weeks,feel well,full of energy etc.But have bagged up 6 binbags of clothes size 26 24 22 some 20s.Find it hard to accept I am really doing it,usually give up after two weeks!Done SW 3 times,WW 4 times and all the others in between!The clothes cost quite a bit and I was going to put them on ebay but I think I will send them to the local kiddies hospice charity shop.I think 3 years is a long time to hang on to your jeans,think of the smaller size you now need and treat yourself! I have bought great clothes in charity shops for while I am shrinking,if you dont fancy that ,go to new look, primark or bon marche till you hit your target.Of course I dont know your circumstances, you may be a lottery winner!in that case go spend a few bob!!! Maz x
I am guessing it's cause I felt such a buzz when I finally got into them after having them looking at me for 3 years. I think you guys are right I need to buy a belt (or sexy undies if I don't get a belt) and get some smaller jeans to slim into. It's rather bizzare now attached I have become to these jeans I am glad that I could come on here and talk to you guys I think me OH would say I have gone mad if I told him I was upset over a pair of jeans


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It's not stupid, I am the same. I have a pair of jeans that I love and they are too big. I still wear them at the moment as they are still comfortable but I know that soon I will have to get rid of them and they don't sell them anymore. At the time I bought them I never thought I'd ever be in size 14 jeans so it didn't seem right to buy them so small
Just done a naughty!!! Was still feeling a bit moody so went for a walk round the offices and past the snack machine.... needless to say I bought chocolate thought I would be good and get malteasers I really wanted a twirl but then check online after eating for syns and its 9.5!!!!! I may as well had the twirl. I won't go over my syns today as have had nothing else I just wished I had checked the syns before eating


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Think how much worse it would be if u hadn't gotten into them and u tried them on for the first time in ages and they were too big or even worse than that think how bad it would have been today if you had put them on and the were too small. i m worried bout loosing weight cos wi the credit crunch i cant be affording new clothes. lucky i have a handy gran who was a dress maker and can make my clothes shrink lol. and my flat has an indstrial tumble dryer so an hour in there and my clothes go from a 30 to a twelve lol (pity i m so far off the 12 stage)

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I always take fun size chocolate to work with me so if I fancy chocolate it's only 5 Syns.

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