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Subway Values

Hey Fairy,

Good find, thanks! :) I get the Subway salads all the time. An almost perfect Atkins lunch! There's nutritional info on the UK website, but nowhere near as comprehensive as this.

yes i looked on the UK one but they only had about 5 of the salads none of which i want lol.

can i ask what you usually get and what salad? im thinking of getting the bmt tomorrow with salad minus onions and mayo :-D
No problem. It's only the tomato that I normally skip. I get everything else, including the onions (a guilty pleasure).

I normally get Ranch or Southwest sauce on. I give a massive wide berth to the sugary ones and the light mayo.

BMT eh! Think you've just decided what I'll get tomorrow too. :)
annie the southwest sauce is amazing isn't it :-D

michael haha, only 1.99 tomorrow too woo hoo. do you not think the mayo would be ok, i thought that was free? might stick to southwest then :p
Annoyingly you have to add 50p for a salad where I go & the sub of the day is over 2 quid. I'd avoid the mayo as I think they only sell light mayo, which is irritating as it's ready mixed with tuna & I don't eat meat. But I can forgive them that for the southwest dressing!

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