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Just posting for a moan. Whole office except me has got subway sandwiches for lunch. I am having yummy strawberry shake. :sigh:

Feel a bit sad lol.

On the plus side they all have meat and as a veggie that does not appeal to me lol. But I would have loved a veggie patty butty.

Moan over and now off to make my strawberry shake.
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:mad:Bloody Hell, I cant believe you lot, Ive never had a sub in my life and now im craving for one :D
totally understand

The girls in my office are being very supportive - they are trying hard not to discuss food or about lunch - but that is not fair on them so I told them they cannot hide their food from me. Even though they try to the smell of lovely saussie rolls in the morning wafts over to me - don't know how i would cope with smells of a sub!!

but as they say it is stronger we will get (hopefully).


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i so know what you mean...doesnt help with the advert on the tv at the moment either! lol


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I'm gutted. I work at Subway when I'm not in Uni and my boss gives us all free subs! My next shift is on Sat but by then I would have been on LT for 5 days, Sat being my 6th day. I will do it though, I can't hide from food forever.... and at least it's not KFC or Maccy D's....


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oh heck.. i drove past one the other day.. and thats what i craved.. a veggie one with loads of gerkins.. *drool*.. damn it..

Well done for avoiding it though..! x x x
lol i love subway but i feel ur pain bear i work for greggs and i found it hard the first few shifts but not anymore and im only on day 14-15 so if i can anyone can ashley xx


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Pain is smelling chicken tikka in the fridge every time Ii open it,walking through town and smelling the local indian resyouraunt and watching KFC adverts on t.v and a foot long beef with all the trimmings from subway with ranch dressing.Now Ive finished all that,time for peppermint tea!
Stop torturing yourselves!


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mmmm chicken&bacon ranch lol,ive now decided i didnt eat enough subway before this diet.Im craving loads of food esp a cheese and beans toastie on think bread with lurpack LOL
Also i brought these vegetable wedges and onion rings ages ago and my bf is eating everything in the house to get rid for me lol or thats his excuse but i forgot we had them and i so badly wanted to try one last night,i just went upstairs and tidyed our bathroom lol.


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oh i love subway :( fav has to be italian BMT on italian bread with cheese lettuce, cucumber, jalepenos and ranch sauce mmmmmm, :drool:

I think when i at target and eating again, this will be my weekly treat but untill then :wave_cry: LOL

being slim is much better than a £2 sandwich, i am worth more than that! just to be happy with myself


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