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"Success Express" with Slimming World

Hi, I have been thinking about trying "success express" (when I can get my head round it). I heard it can boost your weight loss..and as I only lost 0.5 lb this week I could do with the boost!Has anyone had good/improved weight loss with this? If so..are there any tips you could pass on? Cheers! Love ff x
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:confused: I guess no one on here knows how to do this success express plan :sigh: I might try it anyway - if I can figure it out I'll let you know how I get on! love ff x


Intuitive Eater
I've heard it does boost weight loss but I never tried it myself when I did SW.

Good luck. Let us know how you get on. :)


Queen of the Damned
Got any details on it cos it sounds interesting :)
Hi all and thanks for the replies :)
Sorry DQ, I can't add any more than is in the book and on the website. I still haven't tried it yet cos I'm worried about having Red and Green free food on the same plate without weighing one of them :confused: I realise that the 1/3 plate rule means most of the meal is superfree but it just seems odd to me.

Anyway...I have decided that for the good of the group I will take a deep breath and plunge into success express :superwoman: I will report back re my efforts and my success (or otherwise). Do I earn a medal if I am successful? Courage in the face of potential weight gain and overwhelming syns? :D
I've never tried it myself... but when I tried SW in January two the ladies in the group were very despondant at having a wobbly January... across the whole month they hadn't lost cos each half pound dropped then went back on. They were both given Success Express and stuck to it for a week. They lost 3.5lb and 5lb that week on it. (I didn't go back after that so no idea what came next sorry)
Good luck!


Queen of the Damned
Absolutely - I'll get going on an appropriate certificate for you - boldly going where no other Minimins member has gone before!! :giggle: ;)
Absolutely - I'll get going on an appropriate certificate for you - boldly going where no other Minimins member has gone before!! :giggle: ;)
Thank you Captain Kirk! :p :D here is my report so far!

I did a partial success express day today :confused: I had a neutral breakfast (vlf fromage frais with loads of fresh blueberries - yum :D) a neutral lunch (cold quorn sausages with loads of salad - weird I know but I love them cold!!) and homemade lamb and veg soup/stew with not much lamb in. I think the stew counts as SE - cos it was mainly superfree veggies.

By the way - weighed in and lost 3 lbs - I'm so chuffed :party0019:

love ff x
I think I'm getting the hang of this success express thing! I'm eating loads of superfree foods e.g. just 1 or 2 slices of chicken with tons of salad or veggies. No problem with feeling hungry - but still have my usual "attack of the munchies" on a regular basis. But I keep superfree yoghurts and chopped carrots in the fridge for such emergencies :D I hope SE has an impact on my weight loss this week. Major problem tho'...I'm going out for a Chinese meal on Monday - that may well impact on my loss - especially as my weigh in is the next evening :(:(:( Oh well - it's a pre-wedding meal with my work colleagues and I'm going to enjoy it :D Survival plan: Green day: hot and sour soup starter, chicken chop suey with rice main course, no desert, diet coke to drink - should keep the syns to a minimum I think :confused: love ff x


Queen of the Damned
FF, you are doing fantastically!! :clap: What an advert for Success Express you are - good luck for our chinese, but sounds to me like you've got it cracked!! :cool:
Yep, I'm one of them. We've had lots of SE threads since then though!
It does make me smile to see an old thread, especially if some people are still around :)

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