Successful and healthy ABS DIET!!! Must see!


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S: 10st5lb C: 9st9lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 0st10lb(6.9%)

I don't know wether u've heard about this one before, but this is the most successfull, healthiest and the easiest food plan I have ever seen in my life - as a matter of fact I study biochemistry.

Ok, details NOW:D
This diet founded by David Zinchenko, focuses your daily eating plan on 6 meals of which every one MUST contain 2-3 of the listed superfoods:
Here they are:
1. Almonds & other nuts except Brazilians and peanuts - a lot of fat (they also cannot be salted)
2. Beans & pulses - cooked, not fried
3. Spinach & other green veg
4. Dairy: milk, yoghurts, cottage cheese, mozzarella etc. - one rule - LOW FAT!
5. Instant hot cereal - no sugar here, sweeteners allowed
6. Eggs
7. Turkey & other lean meats - except of ham, because it contains sugar.
8. Peanut butter - yes, thats no joke, but with limits of course LOL it can be added to your smoothie as an extra energy boost, or spread on ur toast
9. Virgin olive oil - for salads or frying meat
10. Wholegrains - cereal, bread, pasta and rice - mind that wholemeal is not the same as wholegrain, which has much more nutrients.
11. Extra protein - whey powder - you can add a spoonfull for your smoothie or simply to milk before your exercise. Helps to burn fat and prevents from yo-yo effect.
12. Raspberries, blueberries - any fresh -berries - they contain antioxidants, flush your intentines and speed up your metabolism.

Why is it the best diet?
-Because it provides all best nutrients that either cleanse your body from toxins, boost metabolism, supress your appetite and promote successful weight loss, and most of all - THEY ARE ALL NATURAL.

Disadvantages: It is expensive - be ready to spend £40-£50 a week, but who wouldnt sacrifice for a fabulous body.

I've been on it in the summer, and appart from the fact that I lost a 20 lbs, I had no appetite for sweets, my skin looked radiant as never and my hair became strong n shiny.
As I started academic year, had sum stress and had to cut on finances, so went back on junk cheap food recently, so gained most of the weight back.
But I'm coming back on it:)

If u have any questions, please ask, I'm happy to help.
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