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succumbed to the beer festival!


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HI everyone

I gave in to temptation and went to the Beer Festival on Friday night. I dont go out much at all (always feel too fat - ridiculous reason i know but i'm sure alot of you will know what i mean) but was feeling quite good having lost 9lbs in my first week!

I'm on SS but I decided to eat a piece of chicken breast before i went out as i'd decided to have a couple of beers. I also ate half of my bar before i left and kept half in my handbag for later when everyone else would be tucking into burgers and hotdogs!

In the end I had one glass of wine and 2 pints of beer. It was a great evening and I managed to resist the burgers!

Luckily it didnt set me back and I started on SS again the following day with no problems.

The only thing is that I'm worried it has really halted my weight loss this week - i am due for a weigh in on Tuesday and so far I only seem to have lost 1lb! I know I lost 9lbs in the first week so perhaps thats why?

How long do people do SS for generally? I am counting the days to my AAM and I'm not sure that I will be able to return to SS afterwards as I'm finding it incredibly difficult. I really long for a proper meal- not anything fattening but just proper food!

Thanks for listening everyone
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a bit different everyday
hello there, the problem is that alcohol kicks you out of ketosis [fat burning ] so it therefore will take up to 3 days to get back into ketosis, if you are not in ketosis no matter how few calories you consume , you will not get the big losses that come with cd, so for those days you werent in ketosis your loss will be not very much, drink lots of water and you may manage another 1lb this week, but the thing is try not to get out if ketosis as you will not get the results you want
good luck
nat x
Hi jo,

Never mind you now have to look forward......
You have to put your doubts behind you as you are doing SS for a reason ie to lose weight quickly and safely....

I will be doing SS (intersperesed with AAM) for the next 5 months... I suppose most people will do it until they get within a s tone or so of their ideal weight, so as to lose the rest of the weight on the maintenence plans?

Try to think positively.... I have just read the thread about the 50 reasons people want to be slim.... it is worth a read... we all ahave those same reasons (more or less ) for wanting to lose the pounds... and there is no wand!

SS isn't easy but you get results fast.... I always gave up WW, Slimming world etc because although it was easier, the results just wern't quick enough!!!

You CAN do it if you want it enough!!!!

Why not write down all the reasons for wanting to be slim... and all the easons for wanting to stay big? Also the reasons why you chose this diet instead of the other slower plans?

It is your chatterbox trying to talk you out of the diet... so talk back to it and talk yourself right back into it!!!!

Anyway... jsut me two pennies worth.... You can do it!!!!
Hi there,

Firstly well done on the great weight loss there in your first week. Everyone knows what its like to go and out and let go a bit and the important thing is to just leave it at that and carry on as you have been..

I too ended up having alcohol last week for the first time sinc starting SS five weeks ago - i still lost so as long as thats theonly blip this week then you should be fine. You may loose a little less than you would have done but they way i see it you went out and had a good time and fingers crossed still come away with a loose.

To be honest, im not sure about AAM as i havnt done it as i was going away to glastonbury festival i ended up taking a week off CD and made that my AAM. It could be tuff to get back into it after having that meal every day for a week - but you have already done well by resisting the burger when you was out and you had even seen forward to this being a problem and took half a bar which is brilliant. If you struggle to get back onto SS after your AAM then maybe the 790 would be the way forward but i dont know much about that..

Good luck and keep going, xx
Eating a piece of chicken is the best thing you can have if you are going to eat anything. It doesnt take you out of ketosis which is the best thing :D

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