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Sue's Diary

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum. I am starting Exante today. I have done it all, Cambridge, LL etc etc etc. I lost 4st+ doing LL and put it all back on and then some! I have also had a lapband fitted, and am still putting on weight.
I am starting at 17st 4.5lbs, which is the heaviest I've ever been, even than when I was pregnant!
I really could do with support as I want this time to be the very last time.
I look forward to the journey along with you.:D
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hey sue,

welcome just popping by to wish u all the very best... with some determintaion you can do this... the good thing is u are doing something about it and when u see thse pounds melt away it will make u more determined to carry on..

good luck,

Hi i wish you lot's of luck I also did cd a few years ago it's not easier the second time round but you do hav the knowledge that you have done it once so you can do it again.

Good luck and keep us updated with how your getting on.
Thank you all very much. I had the 1st soup for my lunch today and I thought it was rather nice. Much thicker and creamier than Cambridge and LL. I hope all the rest are as good!
Hi Sue

I started yesterday so we can be new starters together! Good luck.
That would be great Youngdon.
Keep me posted on how you are doing? At the moment I am starving, but I've only had 1 soup so far. Bring on day 4.:sigh:
Oh yes, also starving! And shaky and lightheaded and had the mother of all headaches yesterday, what fun! :D No headache today though.

Have also just started a diary so I can have a good old rant about all of this.

Which soup did you have? I'm having one for dinner, only tried tomato so far and it was revolting. I may go for the thai one (this is literally the most exciting decision I've had to make today, what has my life become???)
Awwhh, poor you! No headache for me -yet.
But my stomach is making such loud noises. Hehe.
I had the mushroom soup. Really was impressed after LL etc.
Good luck, try doing something to take your mind off the huge choice of what flavour to have for dinner. :)
You're right, I think keeping busy is the key. In fact, I ought to play with my daughter rather than ignoring her so I can look on here!

I may have mushroom soup now, you've swayed my decision! Good luck for the rest of the day, I'll pop back to see how you got on
Good luck Sue. I am on my second week and you do get into the zone eventually. I also did LL and lost loads of weight only to put it back on again. This time is the last :)
Day Two on the diet.

I didn't get to sleep until gone 1.30am last night as I was so hungry!
Today my legs are wobbly and I'm feeling grumpy.:mad:
I've had a strawberry shake for my brunch which was quite nice, not too sweet.
Been to Tescos' to try to find some flavoured water without citric acid in it. Found their own brand spring water with a taste of strawberry that contains malic acid. I'm hoping that this is ok? If anyone has any ideas can you please let me know?
Can't wait for the next few days to pass so I'm not so hungry and have more energy!:sigh:
Hi Sue :wave_cry:, not being able to get off to sleep is just awful, you have my sympathy. Keep at it though, you're nearly through day 2 now, so yay!

Water sounds as if it'll be one that's ok, but I'm sure someone better informed can confirm for sure.

I've had a couple of moments of coming close to quitting today, to be honest, but just kept thinking what a waste of time the past couple of days of hunger and suffering would have been if I did!


Gold Member
Welcome and good luck

Stick with it - you know it gets better :hug99:

OK folks,
I have been unable to post as my internet went down Grrrrrrrrr. :mad:
Had the headaches from hell on Friday and Saturday, had to take really strong painkillers and I normally will do anything rather than take them.
Cooked an early Easter dinner for all my family on Sunday. Did a lovely roast with leg of lamb and then 2 crumbles to follow. Cooked for 11 people. I also did an easter egg hunt for my grandchildren. AND I HAD TO STAND AND WATCH THEM EAT IT ALL! :cry:
Still I stayed strong. Am hating the taste of water, so if the malic acid is ok, I'm off to buy up all the flavoured water I can get.:D
Weigh in is on Wednesday. I just hope that I've lost some weight. At least the headaches have gone now.
Sue! I thought you must have fallen off the wagon :eat:! Only joking, good to see you back and still on track. Making 2 crumbles and watching everyone else eat them is actually quite heroic.

I do think the malic acid is fine, it doesn't seem to have harmed me, and lots of people with amazing losses on here seem to drink it. Go to the supermarket forthwith!

Good luck for Weds :fingerscrossed:
Hello Sue and welcome, I'm a previous LL'er, and like you intending to be back for the last time to get rid of this weight! Glad to hear the headaches have gone, you did really well on Sunday with all that food in front of you! Fingers crossed you're pleased with the results at weigh in tomorrow, good luck :)
AND I got on my scales and realised that they were giving different weights, so I'm weighing myself on a hard floor from now on.
I'm at least 4lbs heavier than I first thought. :cry:

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