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Sugar fix?!

hey everybody!

i need some advice/help. I've been on the dukan now for nearly 4 months and have lost 35lb!! :)happy036:) but I am REALLY struggling with the lack of sugar..

can you guys give me some tips/tricks to get rid of these awful cravings which are sure to ruin my weight loss?

thanks in advance :)

Emma xxx
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Lots of ideas...

Sugar free gum
Diet coke
Sugar free jelly
Homemade yoghurt
Yoghurt flavoured with food flavourings or jelly crystals
Frozen yohurt
Sweet warm porrdige with mixed spices

That's an amazing weight loss you have achieved, very well done you!!! x


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How do you make the porridge?

Sorry for butting in!




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S: 15st3lb C: 14st9lb G: 14st3lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st8lb(3.76%)
Also coffee with sweetener helps me :)



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I made the oatbran muffins off a recipe i found on here and put a bit more sweetener & ginger in them ...they should satisfy a sweet tooth x o and I agree with the sf jelly and the sugar free gum especially (that's what's keeping me going!!)

Your cravings will soon pass though just make sure your eating enough protein x


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You've done brilliantly weight loss wise, but four months without attempting any Dukan dessert recipes? Shame on you!

Check out our recipe section, and get into that kitchen :D
thanks everyone :D am certainly chuffed with my weight loss!

I'm not an egg fan so havent really tried and deserts but I shall defiantly give them a go!

Can anyone recommend some yogurts we can eat cos every time i look in the supermarket there all FULL of sugar?

thanks in advance


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I always have total 0% I love it x
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Most of the shop yoghurts are fruit based and even if they don't have added sugar they contain fructose. I just buy plain low fat now and add stuff. I did try an activia fruit once - desperate for something half safe when out for lunch- and actually I found it way too sweet for me now. Think my taste has changed on this diet.

My sweet tooth is usually satisfied with a low fat Greek yoghurt or a 0% fat frais plus sweetener (I've use splenda or xylitol) and some food flavouring - strawberry, vanilla. And I love the Dukan caramel flavouring, even if it is a bit expensive!
I have also tried a hot cocoa drink, made with a low fat cacao, skimmed milk and sweetener: not every day as the chocolate is a tolerated item only I think. But it makes a nice treat at the end of the week.
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I just had a vanilla muller light and urghhhhh it was far too sweet after weeks of eating home made yoghurt with sweetner and flavourings ....i know which i prefer now ;)
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Meringue is definitely a fix for sugar cravings, though I usually find a huge bowl of SF jelly and yoghurt works well. Oh, and sweetened stewed rhubarb.

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