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Sugar Free Chewing Gum?

Chewing gum will make your stomach think there's food coming, so it will prepare to begin digesting. When none arrives, you end up with a very rumbly tummy!

Sugar free breath spray is your best option to banish the bad breath beasties!


not giving up
My CDC said sugar free chewie won't effect the diet just your hunger as the other ladies have pointed out your tummy will think it is getting food. I had some gum yesterday as I was paranoid about my breath but boy did I regret it later I was starving instantly. I have a sugar free mouth wash in my handbag (sad but true) for when the mouth spray just wont quite do the trick. Thankfully no one has questioned my strange garggling noises in the bathroom in work yet :)

I am also naughty in that I smoke too and always chewed straight after so I am trying to break that habit

never had a problem with chewing gum. it's quite a nice habit to get into as once cd is done it can stop you from chomping on food. it's a thing they do in biggest looser USA, the trainers recommend it.
I used to have a compulsive eating disorder as a teenager and chewing gum helped me deal with that. It's also recommended by dentists immediately after eating, as it neutralises the acids in your mouth and helps prevent decay. :)

I was a compulsive gum chewer before I went on a VLCD, but it makes me starving now!
I've always chewed gum on this diet and never had any hunger issues...but it will differ from person to person, I guess. It's never knocked me out of ketosis, that much I know!
I chew gum all of the time on CD, I have found that I can be hungry even though I'm 100% and never even thought it was because of the chewing gum. Makes sense though. But I get very paronoid about bad breath on this diet so I'll stick with the gum.

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