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Sugar Free Gum - Okay Or Not?

I have gum nearly everyday just for a few mins and then get rid it keeps me from chewing on the food desk by the side of me :D
My mouth is vile, but I cant face chewing gum. My CDC says to avoid as it makes you more hungry.....personally it doesnt for me, it tides me over.


can see the end in sight!
i cant live without gum, extra spearmint gets me through. never makes me hungry.


Slimming for my children
hiya i have it as i am very consious of my breath stench! But i only have it for a few mins suck all the mint out and then put it in the bin. As another down side is when you have chewing gum, your stomach prepares itself for food. When there is no food coming a)it can make you hungry and b) over time it can cause stomach ulcers!
Thanks girls - i think i will have them if i really really need to if not i will do without i have the listerine stripes they are great if i feel like cheating as one of those is so strong you couldnt get food ... lucky i havent had to do that this time round yet,
I have looked all over for the Listerine strips, where did you get them wannabesize10?


A girl can try....
I use sugar free mints but have avoided chewing gum as i've heard the same as whats been said...makes you hungry! :(

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