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Sugar free jelly- allowed ???

Just remembered on weight watchers you are allowed hartleys sugar free jelly to keep the munchies at bay and fluid levels up
Looking at a pack citric acid isn't mentioned - calories are 10 and carbs 0.5g
Would this be allowed on the diet in the same way as some pops etc are allowed
Don't want to risk it without sounding it out with you all on here
Andrea xxxx

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This has been debated before. Personally I wouldn't consider it. For me it's a cheat too far it's introducing food into a TFR diet.

You shouldn't have the munches once you're in ketosis and if you do have part of a bar or something. Introducing 'non allowed' food, as far as I'm concerned is the beginning of the end of my success on this

I think when you've only just started the diet the last thing you should be thinking of is ways to cheat/tweak it

Bottom line is no it's not allowed but if you want to have it then it's your call x
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I think... if you feel the need to munch of things whilst doing Exante then it's perhaps the wrong diet for you. The reason it's so successful is because you don't have those extras.
I honestly don't feel the need to munch and have stuck to this 100% without a problem this time and to Cambridge 5 months last time so it's not that
It's that I get fed up of bars and wanted to have days when I had another option - or an option when working up the plans
My daughters the jelly one - she's lost 75% of her target and is working through now so suggested jelly
Maybe it came accross wrong as I was referring to munchies on another Diego andnot one where they don't exist

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That should say diet - not Diego x

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I know they have it on Atkins I used to have it when I was on Atkins and it doesn't knock u out of ketosis. I guess the choice is yours its better to have that than fall off the wagon completely :)

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