Hi. I started CD on Saturday and am finding it really difficult only having 3 packs. I was on W8 last year and lost 2 stones (some weight now back on) where you have 4 packs a days but there is no local W8 counsellor and CD is cheaper. Can I have sugar free jelly to help get me through the day?
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Why not just ask your CDC whether you can have a fourth pack?


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Or you could make a CD jelly using the water flavouring and some mix a mousse! It's not bad! xx

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Hi. I make my jelly with vege Gel and the water flavouring. Ist around £1.50 for 4 sachets from any supermarket. A sachet makes about 4 little jellies :)


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you can make jelly with water flavouring, gelatine and food colouring... buy supercook gelatin from tesco or asda, about 50p for 8 sachets.. mix one with 200ml boiling water, and dissolve add 300ml cold water a drop of food colouring and a tsp of water flavouring, stir and put into a bowl or 3 smaller bowls and put in the fridge..

what is nice is to use the summer fruit flavouring, make up the jelly wait for it to set, then get a tetra and a scoop of mix a mousse, mix in a blender. Add this to the set jelly and allow to set in the fridge, you have a lovely trifle that is really filling... hhhmmmm addicted to these...