Suggestions on what to eat on lighter life lite


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I thought we could share recipes / meal / tips here for what to eat for our one meal of the day.

I have discovered cauliflower mash. My first few attempts were not very successful. I suppose it was because I am so used to cooking my veg al dente as you need to cook it until it is very soft and then it mashes to look like potatoe. I then added a spoonful of quark to make it creamy.

Found this in the maintenance thread

on the subject of cauliflower, you can also make cauli-rice. There are loads of recipes on the web but basically, you take a head of cauliflower, process on 'pulse' until it looks like grains of rice, then just steam in the microwave for a few minutes or use in a stir fry. It's a fantastic substitute for rice and I've used it for curries, stirfry, chili con carne... the list is endless
Have a look through the other VLCD boards - there are always options to have packs and a low calorie meal. There's three recipes I've given in this section also (Fajitas / Stuffed peppers / Fish Pie)

Here's another for Chicken Stew with Swede Mash - from S&S board.
100g chicken breast // 50g cabbage // 50g leeks // 25g mushrooms // tarragon // pepper // 1l boullion // garlic
chop, fry, boil until cooked.

75g swede + splash milk
Boil, mash with the meat.

Have a look around for low calorie recipes on the internet - look for no/low carb. Substitute stuff you can't have for what you can. I'm afraid there's just not all that much you can do, but it's all inthe use of spices and herbs.

Try a curry - Passata + Curry Powder + fried onion + cauliflower + (teaspoon powder sweetner) + Garam Masala. Over chicken.

Over on the S&S forums - they also make Swede chips - so chop a swede, spritz with a little Fry-lite and oven bake.

Someone also made a lasagne using Macaroni Cheese foodpack - not sure carbonara can do the same thing, but doesn't hurt to try I guess :p