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Summer is comming and that means...


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So I know a lot of people here are health contious and want to beat that into there kids, and what better way to do it with ice cream?

So, make your own ice cream? Yes sounds hard and expensive but really its not.

I was watching a program on TV, it was on sky one cant remember the show name, but anyhow they had some ice cream machines on.

They had 3 machines ranging from cheap to super expensive. The super expensive on was £300 which is a little much. But th second best machine(after the industrial £300 machine), which was also the cheapest was a kenwood.


Which at £25 isnt something your going to cry about. Now, remember you need a big enough fridge to fit the bowl in the freezer otherwise theres no point even thinking about an ice cream machine.

Of course you will need some sort of cookbook, you could start with something like this:


or go for the "ben and jerry" ice cream book


so instead of paying £5 for that small ice cream tub you can educate yourself and your children to make ice cream.

And once they become familyar with the general recipie of ice cream, they can start to experiment, put in grapes, strawberries, banana, chocolate, biscuit, kiwi, even the girl on the TV show had "salmon" flavoured ice cream!

But you could also put in, almonds, peanuts, dates, rasins, chocolate covered peanuts anything you can think of!

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I have an ice cream maker ........... still unused in it's box!!!!!!!! I must dig it out and get my family to try out some recipes .... can experiment with my tetras too!

So what unusual flavours would you go for??? At the weekend i tried licquoirce fudge and it was lovely so maybe liquoirce ice cream???

Lesly Cambridge

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How about this one, which doesn't even need an ice-cream maker? But it doesn't keep, so make it in seconds and eat straightaway!

This is from the "Queen of Slim Cuisine" - Sue Kreitzman.

Serves 6, at 93 Calories per serving, with 0.2 g fat.

Cut 4 peeled bananas into 1" chunks. Open freeze until you fancy some icecream. Throw into a food processor with vanilla, sweetener and a little buttermilk (or fromage frais, etc). Run the machine - it clatters dreadfully - until smooth. Eat with a large spoon and a big smile....

You can use all sorts of fruit, but this one means no more black bananas on the fruit bowl - just freeze them one at a time until you want ice-cream.


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I love making homemade mint choc chip using a whole bar of Green & Blacks dark choc, made it white or green but prefer green.
The only prob is having it sit empty and huge in your valuable freezer space so need to plan when to use it rather than just fancing an ice-cream.
Love the idea of low fat ice-cream - need to experiment again.


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are ice cream makers easy to use?

i love ice cream, could live on mint viennetta if i could get away with it but never thought about making my own


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MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice cream! :drool: and that's precisely why we can't have it in the house! ;) Sure sounds good though!

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