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Summersky 2008 New Photo added! 8 1/2 stone off Before and After Photos!


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Summersky's CD Journey in Photos...
I started CD in February 2006 (2 years ago now) weighing 18 st 11 lbs. I lost almost 8 1/2 stone in 10 months, and been maintaining since December 2006 - so about 14 months now.

Bust: Was 46"; now 37"
Waist: Was 38"; now 27"
Hips: Was 58"; now 39"

Dress size: Was 22/24
Now: 10/12
Height: 5'6"

Where it all began - New Years Eve 2005 - 19 stone approx.

Athens April, 2006 17 stone approx.

From size 24 to size 12! Jan_07_old_jeans



June, 2008

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You look amazing and what an inspiration, i started on 1st jan 08 and have about 9 stone to lose, i am struggling at the minute although sticking to it, but your photos have inspired me to keep going.
Thank you very much for posting them.

Deb G

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WOWEEEE!!!! You look amazing! Well done you!
Sharon - you have always been one of my most inspiring weight-loss icons and I never fail to be wowed by your pics. Of course - the raw material was good to start with (you were DDG before you even started the diet) but you're simply stunning now; beautiful both inside and out.

Hugs - and thankyou for being such an inspiration.
Isobel, Deb and Debbie - I'm seriously blushing now :eek:, but dead chuffed at the same time (has to be seen to be believed *lol*).

Kittykate - your post has truly made my day! I said to Mini that even if ONE person was inspired or encouraged to start or persevere with their diet by seeing my photos then I'd be a very happy bunny indeed. Thank you! :D xxx


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Totally Gorgeous as ever!!!!! :D:D:D:D

Love ya...xxx :)


Back on the wagon!
Thats fab!! Total transformation....you look so toned and fit! Did you exercise as well on CD??
Oh it is wonderful to see such inspirational photos and you look STUNNING. My own counsellor is in the same league (JEM) and between the two of you I reckon you are shining examples of determination and drive. The really inspirational part is you have both maintained your weight loss over a long period and PROVED that we can all share that success if we stay determined. At the end of the day it is down to each and every one of us to control what passes between our lips; and take responsibility for our actions.
When I met Jem for the first time I really wondered if she had ever been on a diet and how did she become involved with CD. Would she be supportive beyond supplying me with the packs. What a misguided thought that was!!!!!
(SS) sole source to (SS) stunning + slim - they seem to say the same message.
Thats fab!! Total transformation....you look so toned and fit! Did you exercise as well on CD??
Thank you Bea :)

I assure you that I'm not in the least either toned OR fit (as those who saw me huffing and puffing up the cliff path and 160-odd steps at the Giants Causeway yesterday will testify :rolleyes:). I'm almost ashamed to admit I did no exercise whatsoever when I was losing the weight, but have joined a gym recently and aim to go twice a week now - mostly to tone up.
Those pictures show just how far you have come.....well done on maintaining.
Thanks Sonkie - it's tough (and a never-ending task really), but I'm hanging in there .. so far :D
So well done Sharon you turn heads when you walk into a room and your lovely inside too xx.
OK now I'm SERIOUSLY blushing! You know I don't see that (and even if I did, I'd probably wonder what/who else they were looking at as it couldn't possibly be me! :rolleyes:) .

Thanks for being the best roomie I could have wished for. Let's do it again soon eh? :D xx
Sharon u look amazing!! but u look even better when ur soaked to the skin and have windswept hair whilst the hailstones are pelting down.....lol!
That's a true compliment coming from someone as utterly gawjus as you honey .. thank you!

Yeah, we did all look a little less than our very best after getting caught in that god-awful storm didn't we? *lol*

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