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Sunday Chit Chat

Morning all!

All the other boards seem to be busier, with folk just chatting about allsorts!

So I thought we should do a daily chit chat board..just talking about the day...what we are doing, going out, working, could be anything!!

Today I shall be mostly....going to the garden centre to look for some bedding plants to make the garden look lovely and pretty. Then it's off to the cinema to watch Watchmen! :) :)

Then the most important appointment of the day...Dancing on Ice people!! Woo

Sooz xx
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HI there - you are right, this board is quite quiet. I am taking my son to a birthday party and then taking both the children off to watch a clown parade along the sea front !!! Fingers crossed it doesnt rain.

Just have to avoid the temptation of the ice creams etc!

Have a good day everyone


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Morning - Im planning to take my two doggies out for a long walk then read the papers with my feet up.

House work all done yesterday!
God I'm knackered!

Following a busy day yesterday have another busy day today!

9am - 9:30am - did paper round with oldest son. He knows the way round now, but it gets me out of the house.

9:30am - 11:00 - down to indoor footy son with youngest son who was playing in a fun tournament.

got home, tidied round, did washing up. Oldest son came home from his footy game and they'd lost (they needed to win to go top) but he scored one of their 2 goals.

12:00 - 1:00 - went to Farmfoods. Spent £57 bloody quid on fresh air (well, it seems that way). That's without my trip to Tesco or Morrisons for fresh stuff. Growing lads - GRRRR. I also appear to have lost some shopping! I know I bought 2 x cheese, 2 x ham and some cheese slices and when I got home there is no sign of them, yet they are on my receipt! The only thing I can think of is that I forgot to put them in the shopping trolley and walked away without them. I'm hopping mad because that's at least £6 of food lost that I have to buy again tomorrow. 4

Came home, put shopping away, ate my lunch and then drove hubby to pub. I need to go upstairs to wash my hair but keep looking longingly at the sofa and think I might have 40 winks....
Morning - Im planning to take my two doggies out for a long walk then read the papers with my feet up.

House work all done yesterday!
Did you stay dry on your walk? It snowed here today - well, it was very sleety but still snow nonetheless - I can see in the distance the tops are all snowy.

What are your dogs called and what breed are they?
Well I went to the garden centre...

Adam and me decided that our little piece of garden (if you can call it that!) is going to have some soil, where we can plant flowers, mini trees, etc...then the rest of it is going to be lined and then loads of gravel on top! :)

Can't do that til we get paid again though!

Went to see Watchmen...thought it was brill! A def must see! There are a couple of gruesome moments in it..but still good! I warn you though, it's an epic... 2 hours 45 mins +15 minutes for adverts... about 3 hours in total!

Now we are home...got the salmon out of the freezer..I had a few too many sweets at the cinema, so I'm just going to have the salmon on it's own..then....Dancing on Ice!

Wooo!! GO Ray!!


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