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Sunday cook up ?

Hi Everyone

I was just wondering if there are any Sunday food prep rituals that you have ?

I'm making up a big fruit salad that should last a couple of days and I'm going to put together a lunch for tomorrow mainly from our lunch today. I might cook up a batch of something else just to save time in the week, but I'm not sure what yet! Ok on with the fruit salad....... chop chop chop :)
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I marinated 2kg of Chicken breast - ready to be grilled/roasted/microwaved [yes, I know I'm weird.].

I need to find another low-fat protein. Not a fan of fish :(
Sounds like we're all quite busy.... be it planning or cooking :) Pinktiger I usually make sure I chop up the juicy types of fruit first (pineapple, grapefruit or oranges) pop them in a big bowl and then do things like apples that go brown, I find once I've mixed them in with the juicy fruits they dont go brown so quickly. Occasionally if I have a lemon I'll chop the apple on the board and then squeeze the lemon over. One thing I dont like in fruit salad made ahead is banana (it goes mushy and brown) and kiwi (that goes mushy too)... apart from that anything and everything goes in :)
Good idea with the diet lemonade allie. I'm not keen on any liquids with mine..... my mother in law makes hers with a sugar syrup poured over, yuck it spoils it as its far too sweet!
Sunday is food planning day for me!

Shopping on Tuesday after weigh in!
I think planning is good for sunday, sometimes I think I try to pack to much cooking in on sunday and probably dont do enough planning. Planning on sunday and maybe shopping on monday/tuesday could be a good plan.... I might try this next week as I dont have transport to the supermarket so I'll be forced into planning mode instead :)
I have made a huge pot of syn free soup and another batch of syn free pate to have with salad for my lunches throughout the week. I'm not really a fan of sandwiches and lately, because of the weather, have found myself wanting something warm for lunch. Soup in a flask does the trick for me. It's warm, healthy, filling, but most of all, syn free!!

As a full time working mum, I always had to plan the evening meals ahead of time as I didn't have time to shop midweek, so I have just gotten into the routine of doing that. Now it's just hubby and I, I don't have to pre-cook so much, but I still plan ahead as it's so much easier when I get home from work.

Will have to try out the diet lemonade and fresh fruit, sounds tasty!

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