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SUNDAY hour by hour!!!

Morning all!
Was absent yesterday, felt sick most of the day, not sure why. Think I was having an off day!
I didn't do well, I had only 2 litres of water, and only 2 of my sachets. I managed a small tuna salad later though as part of my 790.
Raring to go though today, starting on my first litre and hoping for 4 today!
Good luck all, have a fabby day!
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Morning Nicky, Sam and everybody else

Sorry you havent been feeling good Nicky. Glad to hear you are back on form this morning.

Managed 3 litres yesterday - really cant seem to get to 4. Practically speaking its very difficult if you are out and about doing stuff! will give it another shot today.

Glorious sunshine here so hoping to make the most of it.

Chat later
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Morning everyone.

I am feeling quite positive today, even though I have always fallen off the wagon on Sundays. I am determined to make this Sunday different!

Glad you are feeling a bit better today Spooky.

The sun is coming in and out of the clouds here and I find it amazing how much easier this diet is when the sun shines!

Let's make this one a good day!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good morning everyone.....glad your feeling better Spooky.

Sun shining, I agree Westie it seem so much easier when the sun is out. Lift everyones mood.:)

Hopped on the scales again this morning (couldn't resist) and YES that little 1/2 has gone in fact it was 1 1/2...so have done the first stone.:D

Will change Ticker on offical weigh in day.
Still very motivated for the start of week 4, managed 5 litres yesterday:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:

Good luck everyone and have a brilliant day.
Take Care XX
Good morning girls,
Sorry to here you wernt feeling well yesterday nicky,but glad you feel better today hun.
Well its a lovely morning here with lots of lovely :character00238:, it was so nice yesterday to be able to let the kiddies go out and play and to have all the windows and doors open,its amazing what some good old :character00238: can do.
Gonna do 4ltrs of :tear_drop::tear_drop: again today 5ltrs if i can!! but started to struggle with 4 yesterday with it being aamw for me.
Lets all have a good day today and send you all lot of :vibes::vibes:
Morning all,
Glad you're feeling better Nicky & well done on the loss Maggie!
I'm still hanging in there. Restart day 2 & waiting hopefully for the lovely world of ketosis! I also seem to live in the only place in the country with angry grey skies but I won't let that get me down. Am planning a busy day to keep myself out of the kitchen until I'm back in the groove. I'm pretty impressed that I've somehow met my August challenge of 14lb seeing as I was off CD for 10 days! Just need to stay focussed.. another stone a month until Christmas & I'll be the belle of the ball! (Well I would be if I was going to one!)
Keep strong everyone...
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Morning everyone!

Glad you are feeling better today and well done Maggie on making your first stone! :D

I have promised myself after putting it off for ages that I am going to do a spring clean today. Unfortunately haven't moved off the sofa yet but I have the best intentions!!

Enjoy the sunshine
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Good morning all xxxx

Glad people are feeling better and seem to be lots of positive vibes out there this morning.... lets all have some more just in casey :vibes::vibes::vibes:

I'm not long out of bed and have left OH to have nice lie in. Kids are upstairs tidying out their pigsties...I mean bedrooms..... and I'm about to set the ironing board up in front of the TV to watch the athletics.... oh what an exciting life we lead lol

On a more positive note.... I've been fitting into smaller jeans recently, you know the ones that get shoved away in a drawer in the hope that one day they'll fit again?? Well, I've got there with some and very nearly there with others. Despite this, I still couldn't notice that the weight coming off me was noticeable until yesterday.... I put my jeans on (big ones) and they were quite literally falling off me!!! Could take them right down without undoing button and zip. Such a good feeling to say - these jeans have got to go, they're TOO BIG!!!! wooooooohooooooo was sooooo chuffed!

Middle of TOTM for me so really gave me a boost - back on SS yesterday after AAMW and coping ok. Have started on my first litre of the day and hoping for 4 today - can always manage more in work than at home but gonna give it a go.

Have a great day all, whatever you're up to and catch up later. ;)
S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hope everyone is still happy this morning.

I've been quite busy so far today - got up and polished the flat and tidied up. Gotta hoover later but that's my most hated housework task.

Just had a choc bar and I'm on my 3rd pint of water.

It's still a bit cloudy outside but I'm hopeful that the forecast is correct and it will clear. The intention is to take my water, a good book and sit in the garden.

Let's keeping it going!
<<sigh>> well, nearly 3 litres, one pack and half my 790 allowance down so far today.

I am sitting here with the dd's watching Scooby Doo (!) and finishing off a cross stitch project. Hubby is out at work. Can't go to the gym as theres no one to babysit....

Hows everyone else doing???
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Hi Nicky

I'm busy but bored, promised myself I would spring clean, done bathroom and kitchen. Feeling a bit dizzy from the exertion and am now having a five min break! Done 3ltrs and one tetra so far.... think I might have another choccie one soon.

I used to do alot of cross stitch but I now have four cats who can cause havoc when I get all my threads out so don't do it so much now!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a good day. I'm managed to clean the whole flat including both bathrooms, empty my wardrobe and sort all my clothes, stick photographs on all my shoes boxes (sad but true!) and sort all my toiletries for my hols! The only reason I managed to get all this done was because...... I didn't turn the laptop on!!
As soon as i get on this site i generally get nothing so today i wasn't risking it :) M x
hiya, we all seem to be busy today which hopefully means we all been to busy to think about cheating!! well done everyone :).
I had a lazy morning but this afternoon have been sorting out a stand for my new snake viv as they were gettin a little big for there old one, new viv got deliverd yesterday teatime,boy the viv looks bigger here than it did in the shop!!lol, so today have been busy sorting that out a doing familys tea,it was nice to be able to sit and eat with them tonight as its my aamw, also we were able to sit out in the garden and eat to make the most of the wonderfull :character00238: that we have here makes a change from all the horrid rain we had all wk!!
hi guys, wow, better late than never eh?? This has to be the latest that I have ever signed in at and I'm sorry it's a short one.

Spooky, I do hope that you're feeling ok today xxxxx

Jodiejojo, same to you hun,,,,don't know if I dreamt it (you know what my dreams have been like) but I'm sure you said you felt ill yesterday, so I hope you are feeling ok today.

Everyone else, hello to you too :D
It sounds like things are going ok.... lots of positive vibes floating about the place and lots of weight being lost, and some jeans being binned coz they are TOOOO BIG!!!!! fantastic.

I must dash, got to get little one to bed....:eek: she fell asleep in very long car journey coming home from our day out....and look, it's 10.12pm!!! oooh, I may have a lie in tomorrow:D:D:D

ttfn xx sj xx

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