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SUNDAY hour by hour!


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Morning all.Not been about too much this week as the back is a major problem.Three visits to the chiropractor have left me sore and poorer and i am falling off the wagon in a horrifying way.I want to confess but i am so ashamed of myself i don't want to tell any one:(.Why does pain make you lose your sense of reason and resolve.
I am so envious of all the wonderful stories i have read about this week and i congratulate each and everyone who has had such brilliant progress in the last week,and i am sorry i haven't replied to you all before to say so.

Hope everyone enjoys whats left of their weekend,and if i feel really brave i will tell the truth and shame the devil.

love liz :sigh:
Miss Bettany I've got to say that a sleepover in a museum sounds soooooooo scary! He's a brave lad :)

Cookey please don't feel bad about confessing to falling off - you don't have to tell anything you don't want to but don't not tell if it's only because you're ashamed - I hate to think that you could feel like that. You're in loads of pain and that is bad enough that you're feeling that, please do not put any emotional pain upon yourself on top of that.

If you decide that you can't do this at the moment then you can't do it but you do need to make an adult choice about this otherwise it will plague your mind and hurt you more ---- this diet and all of us will still be here for you when you are feeling up to trying it again. You can do this diet, you've shown you've got the resolve and will power needed, you've done brilliantly so far and you can do again.

So if you do decide to leave it a while just work on some damage limitation by following a low calorie/low gi diet rather than just eating anything - that way there will be less to lose when you get back on the diet.



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Hello Liz,

You know I am sure I can relate to why you are falling off the wagon. You are in pain and need some sort of comfort. Maybe become aware of that and find another way to comfort yourself. I am the same as you and probably once again so lucky that I have not been sick or in pain since starting this diet, because that is when I usually used to really over do it.
Looking at your ticker you have been doing so incredibly well, focus on that and think of how loosing the weight will help your back.
Hang in there I hope you manage to find some kind of relief for your back soon.
Thinking of you. And don't be ashamed be proud of what you have achieved so far and that you had the courage to tell us what is happening.



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Morning all!
Hope your all doing ok this morning.
Liz- you musnt feel "ashamed" or bad for lapsing! that is totally what this place is for. Come on here get it off your chest- that way you can get rid of it and move on :)
You are normal! this is a bloody hard thing to do especially when your in a lot of pain.
Im thinking of you.
Sleeping in a museum sounds well exciting!! hehe.
Another day at work for me! selling mobile phones along with my soul! lol.
Not sure if anyone remembers me telling them that I got voted producer of our newsweek at uni a while back?
Well its this week so well excited- and nervous about that!!
Have a fab day everyone :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


longs to be average!
Oh what a day - woke up this morning with aching butt muscles from yesterdays game of squash, jumped on the scales and it registered at 210lb - so that's 49lb lost or 3 1/2 stone. I'm now 15stone nothing, one more pound and I'm in the 14s, how flippin fantastic, I've not be in the 14s since 2001. woo hoo! Dragging OH to the garden centre later, have told him it's about time he bought me some "good riddance to fat" presents, and as I have a couple of gaps in the garden wouldn't say no to a few shrubs!

Have a good day everyone!


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Hi Everyone, had a very lazy morning and loved every second of it x
Liz, hate to hear you sound so down, please don't punish yourself like you are, it really doesn't help you :) You've done amazingly well, please remember that... as others have said, you are having a difficult time... if you feel you need to eat, try to limit the damage... whatever happens, just know we are all here for you :)
And way to go Corey!!!


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Morning all...or should I say afternoon now. I all dolled up and waiting for everyone else, going to a family christening this afternoon. It very strange for a christening to be in the afternoon but hey. so will maybe back on tonight. But hope everyone has a lovely relaxing sunday!! x
Well I've had a great day so far, just chilled lying around watching the Moto GP from Portugal - just seen the first race and now waiting for the 'big' one.

Got a lovely afternoon (not) planned doing ironing etc but hey it can't be fun all the time :)
Afternoon everyone, have spent half the day watching emmerdale omnibus in bed, have just bought a stack of clothes from ebay to tide me over, they are brand new with tags so quite chuffed with them. Carn't stop buying clothes its my new addiction.
Ho hum. I am having a very bland day. I stayed up till about 3am last night, then was awaoken, several times this morning, with Dulcolax cramps....;) I find the "regular" Dulcolax is not bad, but the "Perles" good lord - thought I was in labor!!! So I think I just did not get enough sleep. I just can't focus on any one thing and cannot decide what I want to do. I hate days like these - just see the hours ticking by and then its back to work. I am thinking if I ma just going to be like this I may as well pop in a good movie and just tuck in for the day. But then in the back oif my head, I keep thinking there was something I was supposed to do today and can't remember! lol Maybe I should just go back to bed!

I just ordered Jamie Olivers Cooking at Home book. I love that show, and have loads of scarps of paper with recipes scrawled on them. I decided to just get the book as its looking like I am going to want to try every single thing he has been making!! :D

So. Yeah. What to do today. B-O-R-E-D. :D

I bought that book too BL - well worth it ...... I want the peas on toast mmmmmmm


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Hi All

I am having the same kind of day as you BL. I have gone through my wardrobe and have put a pile together for the charity shop. I have a few pairs of trousers that are too tight around my thighs and too loose around my waist aaarrrrgggghh. Oh to have thinner legs. my legs are still at about size 20 and my waist at 14.
However I will not complain with some luck they will start shrinking soon.
I've just been for the best bike ride yet - did 20+ miles and it was great ... only came back because it was raining - felt so much more confident than any other time I've been out on it.

Was funny as I went to put a jumper on for underneath my jacket and I picked a big one and it just fell off me - took it right off and put it in the bin. Then put on the (push) cycling jacket that I bought that was so tight I wouldn't wear it when I went out on my push bike - took all the labels off it, put it on and it buried me - but hey it helped keep me warm so I'm not binning that.

Just sat here with a nice strong coffee before I go start ironing ...... don't suppose anyone's passing this way that wants to do it for me :D


Striving for slimness
Afternoon everyone, have spent half the day watching emmerdale omnibus in bed, have just bought a stack of clothes from ebay to tide me over, they are brand new with tags so quite chuffed with them. Carn't stop buying clothes its my new addiction.
Me too! I just won some gorgeous levi jeans and a few designer tops too for just a few quid each! so cuffed I can even fit into those sort of things now
Hi All, hope u have been fine! BL ur in-laws sound sooooo lovely, gosh if only i got on with my mother in law, lol and I live with them! Been doing it for nearly 8 years, we have a love hate relationship!

Anyway, i ended up eating something that wasn't part of RTM! It's an Indian (Hindu) religious day today where we have made like chick peas (healthy syle) and Puri(which is like chapati) and semonilla. It was soooo yummy! I didn't go to overboard, however was tempted! Im still obviously doing my RTM, but just had a bit of that due to it being a religous day and me not having when i was totally abstinence! Just hope i won't put on any weight, but to tell u the truth, i really do need to build up my energy levels though, however still need to lose about 19lbs min (i think)
Hey Donna, nice 1! Well done, gr8 news, i can't wait to get into designer clothes!

Me and my Hubby are going to have a good exercise workout today (i haven't exercised for around 4-5 weeks). Have a crosstrainer at home, so going to do 20mins and then my crunches! Now that i am on RTM, i really need to start exercising regularly, as i still need to lose weight and still have hugh thighs :(
Hidely ho neighbours!

Very wierd - I have just been watching "Britains Got Talent" with my OH as he was getting ready for work....and there was a really cute dog act - and I was laughing while watching it and suddenly was crying!! Whats THAT all about??? Ihave been in such a weird strange mood today - I don;t know what/why/or where it came from!? My OH asked me what was wroing, and I said nothing, but was crying and laughing at the same time. All day long I have had this very weird feeling, liek I don;t know what I was supposed to be doing. Very wierd.

I think I am going bonkers. No more staying up till 3am for me!!!
Oh dear BL, sounds like a bit of a 'lost' feeling going on there to me - I've had that before. Where you just feel out of sorts, not quite right etc and the floodgates can open over the littlest thing ---- hopefully now that's out you'll begin to feel better and more yourself xxx

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