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SUNDAY Hour x Hour

oh dear looks like i'm the last to go to sleep, have been out dancing all night with nothing but water to keep me going!!! So i guess it's good night but really good morning to you all, and have a great sunday!!!


longs to be average!
BL- you crack me up!! Enjoy the housework - me and the OH are off house hunting today. Need to have moved and lowered the mortgage before our adoption application is approved. As my OH is the breadwinner - I can't wait to be a stop at home Dad!!!
morning all and thanks for suport over my wobble- didnt eat anything. It was tough though. No aches today but cough here. My daughter Leyla is now not very well - hot and sleepy.

It is going to eb another lazy day at home and chill out


Striving for slimness
morning all, just got up it's 10:30am......don't you just love Sundays. aaw Corey your post made me smile! Good luck with your adoption application x


longs to be average!
Thanks Donna - it's a bloody lengthy (and really intrusive) process, but will be worth it in the end
Good morning one and all - well I've had a lovely lazy morning so far ..... Sundays are great for that --- though afterwards when I'm doing all the ironing Sundays won't be quite so great.

Hubby's doing bits round the house today like fitting a new lantern style light outside the front door as the one we have has decided it doesn't want to work any more.

Good luck with the house hunting Corey, you're right it will all be worth it - I really do admire you and other people who adopt and foster, I think it's a wonderful thing to do.... have you been given an approximate date as to when the process will be complete for you?
BL- you crack me up!! Enjoy the housework - me and the OH are off house hunting today. Need to have moved and lowered the mortgage before our adoption application is approved. As my OH is the breadwinner - I can't wait to be a stop at home Dad!!!

Glad I can oblige :D

Oh wicked news Corey! How exciting for you - I am an adoptee myself! Good luck with the process - hope it goes swiftly for you!!


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morning everyone,
Hope you all have a fab day... Corey, good luck with the house hunting and adoption.:)
I'm off bowling soon for my friends 40th birthday! should be an interesting afternoon, I haven't bowled for years but at least I can bend down properly now so bonus :D
Morning all. It is lovely and sunny here in Wiltshire but I guess it is the calm before the storm. I really must get off this forum as piles of ironing are calling, but I think I am getting addicted:eek:

Angel X
Hi Angel - the weather is much the same here, got a lovely blue sky ..... feels like ages since I've seen one of those!
Morning everyone!

BL - you missed my rant last night and my posting of my 25p charity shop dress, ha ha!!

OH is packing his bag now, he's off to Bristol this afternoon until next Friday night, he's going a day early so he doesn't get caught in tomorrows storms, I would rather he set off today than at 5am tomorrow in the hurrican, but will still miss him, boooo!!!

Once he goes I'm going to have a long hot shower and do my nails and hair, good old pamper session! Plus I've got Corrie and Enders to catch up on Sky+ from Friday, so that should keep me on the straight and narrow!

Also, got to pop into the nick tomorrow night and write a statement, I saw a right eejit threatening a woman last Sunday, so of course have got embroiled in that now, I'll do that tomorrow night as long as it's not Force 30 gales!

Just off to give OH a number 3 all over with the clippers!!

Have a good day everyone!

Glug glug!
Hi Les!

I saw your posts last night, but I could not find the rant you speak of - but you did make me laugh!!

SOme day when both our hubs are on shifts, we should go charity binging - erm, I mean shopping sometime! I want to know this one yu get such good bargains!!

Enjoy your pamper session - I have much the same afternoon planned myself - I have done the house work - I cannot get the hoover to work (oh, shame!) so I am done! Asied form a smattering of laundry here and there!

So I am going to finally watch Americon Idol (I liked Rock Rivals by the way!), and then maybe a movie, and then a hot bath, lotions and potions, and a chilled evening till the hubster gets home from work at 8.

See you tomorrow!!

Oooh, I should also announce something miraculous - I did something today I have physically been unable to do for YEARS! I was able to squat, and hold the squat for several minutes while I scrubbed the inside of the refridgerator.

Now that might not sound too exciting to people, but becuase of my old knee injury's I have not been able to that for so long - my weight made it too panful to last 30 seconds, let alone stand back up - so that was purely amazing to me!

Means my hubster will get a break soon and I will be able to start doing some of the things I have always had to call on him for! Happy about that!

Ya know Les - I owe all this good stuff to you - if I had not seen you that day, I would not be enjoying such wonderful benefits. THanks so much for being such a great inspiration and new friend. XXX


Striving for slimness
having such a chilled day today, I all alone as OH has gone to watch sunderland match. I'm watching America's next top model, absolutely love that show! Am about to start OH's Sunday lunch for him getting in, but generally having a lovely relaxing sunday
Aww, BL, bless ya!!! I have had such a lazy day, just watched Columbo with Billy Connolly in it, I'm fighting the demons in my head that says to order in a curry as soon as OH sets off for Bristol - that's my rebellious child talking cos I didn't have any last night! BUT I WILL RESIST!!!!

Nope no curry for you Gal - get your dress on a hanger and hang it in your living room --- should help you avoid temptation!
Good on you, best way :)

I bought myself my first ever pair of Levis the other week -- bought a 32" waist! Tried them on on Valentines Day and plan to try them on the 14th of each month until they fit - had my photo taken trying them so hopefully this week the photo should show that they've gone up higher than they did last time :D

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