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Sunday - Lets Do It Hour By Hour


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S: 14st4lb C: 12st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 2st1lb(14.5%)
Its Sunday, my eldest is back at school tomorrow after 2 weeks of half term, and i am mightily relieved. Its hard keeping them occupied nowadays.

I am likely to have STS again this week when i go for WI tomorrow but that is not necessarily bad. I really want to go back into abstinence but the rules about injuries mean i have still got about 3 or 4 weeks to go so I shall complete RtM then go back into abstinence for about 4 weeks or so so lose that last 1 1/2 stone.

How are you all doing?

I must admit II feel a bit like a lost soul at the moment. I can't settle and my head is all over the place. I just want some peace.

Hope you all have a great Sunday!;)
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Maybe once you get back in a routine when your eldest is back a school your head will be in the right place. I am still on abstinence on week 9 and after a wobbly couple of weeks have finally knuckled down again. I think it is all about routine, I am absolutely rubbish at LL when my life is not some of routine. I hope i'm in ketosis now again and since I'm not as hungry I think I may be. I have my mums 60th birthday BBQ today and after caving at 3 BBQs in the last month I am definately not eating at this one!! I have 4 weeks til my hols and I want that last stone off. I feel better even although my skin is pretty saggy now. Hope everybody has a nice and relaxing sunday. x


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Come on Lemma you know you can do this, you have come so far. Keep going it isnt long now.

Bigs hugs for a very strong girly.:hug99:
I have had to start RTM early because my blood pressure has dropped so much making me faint a few times and feel very dizzy a lot of the time.

It was worrying me about continuing on the diet and doing all the day to day stuff like driving when I was feeling like that.
I have talked it over with my GP, my family and my personal trainer but not with my LLC.

Every time I've told her about my dizziness she's told me that it's because I'm drinking too much water and I should cut down - but I knew it was something else. Partly because I'm nowhere near the 10l a day mark which is where it becomes too much and partly because I've always drunk loads of water so it's nothing new for my body to handle.

I've also skipped the first 3 days, and I'm planning to do a condensed rtm because my GP is concerned that my bp is so low she wanted me to quit the diet all together. My LLC is giving up on july 24th anyway so this way I will have finished by the time she does.

I just need to break it to her tomorrow. :( Apart from that I have really enjoyed the sunshine today, I've been to look at another house and we now have a short list and I had a really good session with my personal trainer - working on all the core muscles and obliques as well. I'm sure I won't be able to walk tomorrow.


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S: 12st11lb C: 12st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 0st10lb(5.59%)
Your LLC is not a doctor, your GP's advice has more weight than hers.

Don't forget she has a vested interest in keeping you on abstinence as long as possible, your GP and personal trainer don't. You are HER customer and don't owe her an explanation.

I was very annoyed with how my LLC took my dizzy spells, I didn't feel she treated them seriously at all. She put it down to low blood pressure which it turns out isn't the case at all :confused:

Good luck on RTM, I know you'll make a success of it and keep the weight off. LL has given you a great start :D
Thanks TG - I did consider it very carefully so I know I've made the right choice for me but I also know that my LLC will be unhappy that I didn't talk to her before making my decision but I have the rtm books and I could just walk away now if I wanted to but I won't.

I will continue to support the rest of my group and will continue to go to the sessions. :)


constantly confused
S: 12st11lb C: 12st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 0st10lb(5.59%)
Good for you! I think your LLC needs a slap :mad:

Just as well you're a strong person eh? If you'd been more vulnerable you might've ended up seriously jeopordising your heatlh :(

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