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Sunday Roast, I want one


Back again - hey ho!
I dont know how you all do it, I've been on my LT diet for 7 days now (weigh tomorow) and watching and smelling the family eat a gorgeous roast makes me want to cry :cry::cry::cry:
My tummy is grumbling like anything even though I've just had a full shake, and I AM bloody ravenous :( What a pants afternoon.
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i now how you feel but just think how good it will be when you stand on the scales, go and drink as much water as you can and it will fill you up :drool:. im just goin to do my families roast when they eat it i will have a hot bath with lots of smellies in. keep going you will be fine when they finished:D


Back again - hey ho!
Mmm, I guess, though this is the lowest I've felt all week, even worse than the awful 1 - 3 days. I might try the bath, otherwise i might start licking the gravy off the finished plates :cry:
Thanks Cola.
he he sounds good, it gets better i can go out to resturants and cafes and not get tempted but i do find food shopping very hard i dont no why. good luck with weigh in it will give you lots of motivation:)


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Ditto. We have my grandfather round every sunday and i've just sat and watched him eat a full roast whilst i have a strawberry shake! Perhaps i shouldn't have chosen sunday lunch day as the first day to start my diet!


Back on the wagon!
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Those are the worst days.....dont even think I was hungry - just the way the meal made me feel....picture yourself at goal wearing your fav outfit......got me through many a bad moment!!
sunday roast sounds so lovely....im just about to attempt to make chicken crisps..coz i cant eat the soup..best way to describe it is as chicken giblet soup...(not that ive tried it) LOL....
I know what you all mean im only after making my familys dinner Roast chicken and stuffing carrots and cauliflower with cheese sauce and wee baby boiled potatoes and all i cud hav was a shake!!!!!!!!!!!
wow that dinner sounds so nice....the last meal i had before i started L.T was a steak and a beer at wetherspoons!!!! wish id had a roast now...LOL


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Hey guys im with Bea, ive had many days like that but i have just been out in a size 12 jacket and skirt....it is sooooo worth it! Stick at it xxxxx


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You can have all the roasts you want when your maintaining (in moderation) just think how grat you'll look and feel being slimmer!
I went to a restraunt yesterday with my mate while he ate i had a black coffee very happy i was able to go in normally i wouldnt, i think as time passes it becomes more of a habbit and you dont think about it as much anymore!
my first day on L.T i took my nephew to pizza hut and had coffe whilst he tucked into pizza..i knew then i was determined to do it!!!just keep looking at my thin pictures...and cant wait to be in those clothes again!!!


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Thats the attitude hun x


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I have my thin pictures plastered all over my fridge lol


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Lol i had loads out in fact just glanced over nd they are still on the table! Saying that i think i am simmer now than when i was 10stone if thats poss! Obviously its because on LT you ose pure fat! xx
well that roast dinner seems so more appealing now..just attempted the chicken crisps..oh my god they were disgusting...not even the spice rack would make them any better!!!!think ill stick to my chocolate shake!!!LOL
Do not class days as food days eg Friday fish and chip day, Saturday Take away day, Sunday roast day and so on. I tend to keep it traditional and call them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc.
Good luck ! :)
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Hi all,

Just finished cooking my daughters chicken roast dinner, complete with yorkshire puds and you know what, - it didn't bother me in the slightest :cool:

On day 5 today and can honestly say I've not felt this good in god know's how long, no idea where I've got my energy from, I've stripped a complete bedroom and going back up in a bit to start painting!! - Normally the stripping alone would take me 3-days!! :eek:

Got the starting of a headache coming on, but hopefully that'll soon pass with yet more water -

I was dreading weekend coming as normally it's fast food and chillin infront of tv - Not this weekend...:D

Keep up the good work everyone x x x x
Brilliant Keeno, well done, great attitude;)


weighs a lot less
ive just made my lot lamb chops with all the trimmings it smelt lovely but who cares !!

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