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Sunkissed Sunday thread


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Just finished my Halloween party. One of my friends had done some chicken with vegetables so I decided to venture into the world of 200k meals and had a tiny bit. It was my first "food" in 8 weeks.
I had the tiniest portion and I felt so full afterwards. While I really enjoyed having it, I think I shall wait another 4 weeks before having any more food. I didn't really enjoy the full feeling I had.

Sunday morning I am off to the coast for a wander round the market with a friend, then lunch in the port - she is planning on having mussels, I will be having my leek & potato soup then a leisurely stroll along the beach and if we are inspired, perhaps even a trip to the cinema afterwards!

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday.
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Hi alexice

Oops - didn't see this, now it looks as if I have set up a rival post, lol!
This is the daily post - it arrived first.
Glad to hear that your party went well.
The idea of being sunkissed sounds very tempting - my poor feet are feeling chilly.
Catch up tommorow x
Good morning all, and welcome to a fantastic Sunday! Well......its tipping it down here in Shropshire but never mind.

I'm feeling fab, been 100% ss since Thur which is my longest without any nibble in AGES, so I'm chuffed. I don't care what the scales say, just being back in the cd frame of mind is good enough for me at the moment.:D

As you may have noticed from my excessive posting, I was at work overnight, and it was dead quiet. Now have my morning 'high' which drives me nuts, :p as i could really do with going to bed. I'm not in tonight so only normally grab 2-3hrs so can make the most of the day.

Your Sunday strolling on the beach sounds divine AlexIce, I share the cold feet Bling! Body doing better since the investment in thermal vests! Major passion killer, OH jokes its like living with a 90yr old, but my god they do help keep the chills at bay...:)

Whats everyone else doing today? Need inspiration for a rainy afternoon stuck in house with OH and DD........? xx
Alex-ice I think your days sounds fab,especially as its cold,dark and very wet where I am(in between Mancs and Liverpool). We are going to an aquarium later, hope it'll be nice and warm in the tropical fish area! x


Can hug her knees :)
Hey everyone
Mmmm wouldn't a sun kissed Sunday be lovely :) it is also pouring with Rain here in Cambridge :(
me and my boys are snuggled up watching Witches (obviously i'm online lol) with our duvets and trying not to hear the rain that is making me feel even colder :(
later we are off to the garden center as it is all decorated for Xmas and although im really a summer person I also love Christmas :D
I'm having a really empty day today, feel like I need something in my tummy guess I had better keep glugging that water :)
hope everyone has a good day xx
Morning all. I wish it was sunkissed here in London, but positively chucking it down. Lots on today in the house, washing and the usual sunday changing the beds etc. at 2pm off to see friends and their new baby for about 2 hours so that will be amazing. Holding tiny babies is good for the soul!

Stay warm and dry everyone xxx
Hi all

A quick hello as need to start getting ready to go out. Meeting my best mate locally, so we will travel together to theatre.
Yep, its a rainy and dull day in the east of London/Essex borders.
Will be handing over my bars to my friend for safe-keeping, have already been naughty
Oops, that got posted before I'd finished wittering on! Have had 2 bars a day yesterday and today but have not exceeded my 4 food packs a day, its just that I can't seem to control myself when there CD bars in the fridge.
Will post later
Ta-ra for now, x


Can hug her knees :)
thats exactly why I choose not to have them :)
hope you have a wonderful time xx
good afternoon everyone

Alexice wow your day sounds lovely and well done for you choices.

Butterfly nice one on your 100% your doing really good, im ssing all week next week (I AM) lol.

Hey Blingbabe how are you honey??

Well my cold has officially gone and i feel fine again, body aches from gym but its a good ache and really looking forward to going tomorrow morning.

How awful is today?? we are flooded in Yorkshire, drove through knaresborough and Harrogate this morning from hubbys parents as we slept there last night and it was just a pool. Gutted I didnt see David Jason and if he saw me im sure he thought I was stalking him hehe.

Dinner party went well, they all steak and ale pie, i took lettuce leaves and some chargrilled chicken.

Well me and the kids are having a PJ day today was a long night last night and we are shattered, hubs has gone to work now so me and Megs are watching spooky films tonight.


please try again
evening girls, hope everyones having a good weekend

im officially stupid, went away friday night for the weekend ( just back ) i had gotten my shakes and shaker in a plastic bag ready to be packed ....... and left them in the kitchen!
i thought maybe i could cope till i got home...... nope i set of a migrane, my friend panicked and dashed out to get me food. hmm the boiled chicken was nice, the chips not so, the other stuff they got me being equally carb heavy, grrrrrr, so annoyed at myself


Can hug her knees :)
oh edont be mad at yourself, just drink lots of water and get back on track as from now, you might not of done too much damage xx
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please try again
i was just hoping for a good week this week after gaining 9lb last week
Blingbabe - :) no probs about the post. U happened to be up after midnight and didn't see a Sunday daily so I started. I was a happy girl after having got through the dinner party without giving in to bread!

Witchy - thanks - my halo is shining!

Today it was lovely down at the coast. We wandered the market. My freind bought loads of stuff - everything from shoes to jumpers to underwear. I bought 3 bras and am very happy with them. We sat out at the port in front of the yachts, she had mussels - I confess to having 2 of her mussels along with my soup! I don't think mussels will do me much harm though.
We went to a sport shop and agarden centre after that and then to the pictures to see the Michael Jackson film - enjoyed it.
Good evening

The lifestyle in Spain sounds so nice, but its easy for us in rainy UK to forget that of course there is still work to be done and bills to be paid if we were to relocate abroad ( although I will have met my lovely millionaire beforehand, ha ha!)
Have had a nice day, after the theatre we went to a Christmas shop (must have got the idea from misspinkcat and the festive garden centre!) close to London Bridge station - if I am correct this is the only all-year round shop dedicated to Christmas in London. My best mate loved it and bought loads, I was a little restrained as bought a couple of items yesterday at Covent Garden market that I haven't yet confessed to on Minimins. Mmm, lets move on!
Glad to hear that both Witchy and Alexice have coped well surrounded by family and friends tucking into special meals, and been able to eat something small that accords with CD.
As you know I have been misbehaving with the CD bars - they have all been re-homed a couple of miles up the road.
Summayah, sorry to hear that you forgot your CD packs, my memory is particularly bad when I do CD - I left my handbag in a pub yesterday, thankfully it was still there when I returned a few minutes later. I would give in so easily to chips etc Summayah, it feels as if everything is a temptation at the momment. I am back to taking one day at a time.

Best wishes x


please try again
thing is if i had money on me i would have sent them out again with my money to grab me something on the 810 menu but as they had paid i didnt feel i could turn round and demand something else. i know they got it out of concern as i looked awful and couldnt move for the pain in my head, my own fault entirely, i know that blood sugar dips trigger migraines for me

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