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sunshines journey.

hi all.
iv been on ss for 7 days so decided now is as good a time as any to start my diary. im 29yo and struggled for most of my adult life with being overweight.all through my teens i was always 14/21lbs heavier than my friends but it didnt hinder me much.when i was 21 i was in a serious car crash which left me in hospital for 3 months.due to the crash i was out of work for aalmost 2 yrs and in that time due to my injuries and not being able to be very mobile i gained 6 stones. some of it through medication but mostly from me eating 3 meals a day and snacks while not being mobile.this took its tol and me finally after 4 yrs of being 19,11(at my heaviest)i decided to get my life back.
i used lipotrim and lost 6 stone then ww and lost a further 4(10st in total).i mintained my weight of 10.3/11 for the most part of 4 years.UNTIL...20months ago when i moved from ireland to uk for my dh's job and then onto middle east. i have not been working so the weight has shot back on, iv gained over 4stone and i feel disgusted with myself that i let this happen.
hence my descision to start cd. im doing for the most part by myself as there is no cdc in qatar so once a month i will travel up to dubai where i will get my supplies and have my WI.
so im weighing myself here once a week.hoping u can all help me through as i dont have weekly meetings to keep me motivated im hoping you lot will help me with that.
cheers and see you around here;)
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on the shrink.!!
The best of luck to u pet. Well done on being so determined and going so far for ur shakes etc every month. Ur weekly weigh ins will be what will keep u going. U sound very positive, and this site is fab and the best place to come to when ur getting it tough. Looking forward to seeing ur posts on here xxx
Wow - now that's some kind of treck! Dubai, where do you live in the middle east??? Maybe if you decide cambridge is for you, you could become a consultant, and clean up. My husband is turkish and eating is big business in his family, so I know your 4 stones came from the same place as mine! Middle eastern food is lush, but its either laden with butter or oil, or served with lashings of bread!!!

Welcome anyway - this is a great way of getting into the groove. You are amoungst friends!

would you believe nat, i have been thinking abou it cause i know i would clean up. i just dont know how to go about it. i live in qatar, dh works for airline here. as regards the food....bingo!!! everythings made with oil and loads of lovely fresh bread. god damn carbs!!!! :sigh: And to boot,im not working here so i was eating out of bordem!
thanks for all the well wishes guys ill be on this daily!!!
have my bros wedding in america in 9 weeks so im really i can get 2 stone between now and then. i had to buy dress in size 18 so im hoping that it has to be taken in.


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Wow can't believe you fly every month for shakes!!!!! Is it cheaper than getting them shipped to you? That's dedication for you though haha :)

Welcome by the way, and good luck with your journey!
in this country its totally stupid. you have to get a P.O box and the waiting list at moment is 18 months!!! if i get post sent its sent to my hubbys work but they dont accept packages for staff as there is 13,000 staff.i could get it dhl'd or fedex'd but because dh works for an airline i fly relatively cheaply £30 so i go up for the day get my shakes and go to waitrose and stock up. :)
Haha - do you get airmiles with Emirates???? You must be quids in if you do, that will get you to your brothers wedding!

To be a CDWC by the way, you just need your supplier to sponsor you I think. It's essentially pyramid selling! I am not sure of the Cambridge corporate footprint but I bet they will be over there like a shot. All the products are Halal!

Imagine all those women who would love to get slim, slinky misses underneath their Burka.
i know. i would make an absolute fortune. some of them literally are colossol, this country has been developed mainly by yanks and brits so there is every sort of fast food place here. you name it, its here. which has been part of my downfall. its cheaper to eat out than to actually buy fresh fruit and veg.
nat, DH is a pilot so thank god i dont have to worry about flights to states or home!!
my mums friend at home is a CDC so i might have a chat with her when i go home in couple of weeks. i not sure my cdc in dubai will want me being her competition as such, even tho we are separate countries.
She gets a kick-back off your purchases I think, so its more money and less work for her!

A pilot indeed :) That explains the travel - do you get bumped into business class though..that is my question!
right, instead of eating im coming on here and venting. had a bit of bad news this morning and str8 away the feeling of hunger just came on. its amazing...i know its obviously psychological but i just wanted to cave so badly.
i was sooooo close, but i thought the better of and didnt but wow isnt it crazy how your mind tricks you.
b4 i would have felt that hunger and just eaten something without actually engaging my brain and thinking about it.:crazy:
anywhooo on a lighter note, DH came home from work today and bought me a pair of louboutins:D, im so excited, they are so beautiful. he got them for me cause he said its my reward for getting through week1.
i told him he had set the bar very high now and he nearly went green:jelous:.
how are you all getting on this weekend??
He is green!!! I AM GREEN BELIEVE ME...!!!

See, I think we all have this in common. Food is our vice, our coping mechanism and I am not talking well crafted gourmet food here. I am talking, junk, it comes in a bag, full of fat salt and flavourings or in the guise of something baked, or it comes from a fast food restaurant.

I it can be anything that triggers it too! Today I have been ok, but I weighed myself earlier an I am now 13 on the nose!!! just knowing that I am almost a stone down in 2.5 weeks made me think about having a bloody cream tea to celebrate while out with my husband!

The mind is a putrid playing field for the self sabateour!
Well done on not reaching for the junk!!! I can't say I'd be strong enough to do that...

And WOW I am mega jealous of your Louboutins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey guys. well im on day 12 today, cant quite believe it actually.its flown by. still 100% despite the rather crap news i got other day.
i know im doing this for me, but i think the thing that gave me the kick in the arse to actually pull my finger out and start doing it was the fact that my bro was getting married on august 6th in america. notice i say "WAS". its all off. he is still living in ireland as he is just finishing his MA and she is from states. anyway, without going into too much info she has problems and my bro(who would give you the last penny in his pocket type of guy!) has been her emotional punchbag so they have decided not to go ahead with the wedding. what am i going to do with my 2 formal ball gowns???? anyone going to an event let me know. :p
so the DH and i are going home next week on leave so i hope to god i have the strength to stay 100%. need to be able to say no to my mum who will insist on trying to feed me big irish mammy dinners!
anywhooo, vent over. how are you getting on nat, felix, lily? havnt had chance to catch up on diaries so gonna do now.
Hello! Good to hear you're doing well. Loads better than I'm doing haha! 12 days 100% is great!!! Shame to hear about the wedding. Do you think they will just postpone or will it be worth eBaying the dresses? x
oh who knows at the moment felix. they are broken up and the wedding is cancelled officially so its safe to assume i wont need them for now. and hopefully when and if i do need them again they would be way to big for me so ebay seems like a good idea!!! how r u getting on?
Hey there you!!!

Excellent for day 12 and 100% I am a hormonal wreck and knackered. I am trying to just sail through the week without either killing someone or eating ten gallons of ben and jerry's fish food. I have kind of said that I will take the wider road if I have to...just so I dont go nuts, so I may either do 4 products a day or SS+. I am also keeping a protein bar in my handbag just in case I get mad hormonal munchie attacks - I cant eat a whole one as they are just gross, but it will be enough to satiate the desire.

When are you flying to dubai next?

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