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Super Successful Sunday thread!!!


One day at a time!
Hi everyone

I just wanted to start a Sunday thread to make a statement that I intend to be 100% SS+ today (and tomorrow and the day after!). I'm at work and we are 3 hours into Sunday - I've had a tuna salad and 1 litre of water so far and as I intend to sleep all day as I'm back at work tonight I hopefully wont be too tempted to stray. I've been struggling so much just recently, but no more! Hope you all have a great day:)
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morning all!!!

good luck - another 100% day for me yay! day 6 for me !!

well done to everyone for sticking with it... just stay positive and lets all watch the pounds come off! :)
Morning everyone, how is everyone today, its a lovely sunny autumn morning, ok its freezing and I have my fluffy slippers on but its still lovely.

Going to treat us to family trainer today, going to put all this energy I have to good use.

Im on day six of my restart, not cheated and feel great for surviving the weekend so far.

Good luck everyone on the up and coming week, we can do it.


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Morning ladies!

Day 7 of restart for me and just got back from my WI. I lost 12lbs!! I'm in shock as first time around I only lost 5lbs and that was over 8 days! I blooming rock!!

Hope you all have great days- I'm off to update my ticker and then take the girls to the park!
Good afternoon daily threaders

A bit of a strange day for me, woke up lacking CD inspiration, my self -sabotaging voice suggesting that it would be nice to eat, do slimming world - all kinds of silly ideas. I know that they are daft because I have lost one pound short of 2 and a half stones in less than nine weeks with CD, so this is the diet plan for me.
Meeting a nice friend this evening in Chelsea for an opera recital - ooh we are posh (the truth is we get these tickets for £2 as key workers, because the event hasn't sold out). He is an opera buff so will explain all to me- a bit like having my very own private tutor on-site.
Sometimes this diet really is a day to day achievement so my wish for today is that we all get through to Monday!

Best wishes x

Well done on 12 pounds - now thats made me feel a bit more determined. Great re-start indeed.

Witchy - its not too chilly in London today. What is a family trainer?

Gem25 - hours away from achieving first week, yippee!

Minxie - hope that you are now resting well - it is often tiredness that makes us hungry. I did nights for 3 and a half years at a well known chain of nursing homes, the chef used to leave out a meal for us plus we were allowed to help ourselves to toast, biscuits, yoghurts, ice-cream but I think in those days I could burn off the calories plus we all existed on coffee and cigarettes (how very unhealthy now I think back!)


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Keep it up and you will get there - I hope your struggle becomes easier. I've done my first month and it's been on SS. I am going to try to stick it for the full 12 weeks we're allowed before going on to SS+ for a week.
My friends here are being helpful and encouraging me to exercise a bit which helps a lot.
Blingbabe its a family game for the Wii but it also has a floor mat where you have run away from things and race each other, look it up on game or amazon it looks hilarious, as it is I didnt get it as ive lost my purse and cannot find it anywhere, im so annoyed with myself right now.

Lisa omg thats brilliant, was your new cdc nice?

I hate sundays hubby has just gone to work and im hearing voices already, just going to be strong and think 11Ib already this week dont sabatage.


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She was lovely Witchy- much more like me than my old CDC. It's a fair old trek every week but I think I'll do it anyway, I'm not sure fortnightly weigh ins would work for me.

I'm incredibly chuffed with 12lbs. Can't believe it really, I have done so much better than last time even with my silly blip on Thursday. Maybe it's a sign I'll actually do well this time around.

Hubby2be isn't feeling well (bloody man flu!) and is demanding pizza for dinner tonight. Good news is I don't have to cook a Sunday roast, bad news is I have the smell of stonebaked four cheeses and spicy potato wedges to contend with..... mmm

11lbs is brilliant- don't sabotage it like I did!! Do you ever split your packs so you have 6 'mini meals'? When is your WI?

Hope you enjoy the opera Blingbabe- I'd love to go one day!
fantastic on the 12lbs woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;-) x


please try again
well had a day out today, went to a country park, them 2 had a picnic while i behaved and had a tetra and 2 litres of water
we watched some water skiers for a while and went for a long walk
im away to london overnight tomorrow so will have to dig deep for my willpower, lol
hope everyones had a good weekend, heres to the week ahead

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