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superfree ignorance


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I can't believe it,
I've been losing 1, putting on, staying the same, losing 1, putting on, staying the same and this week I gained 5!!!!!!!
I had a bit of a cry and decided, I was leaving slimming world and starting weight watchers again....I got my sw book out just to give it one last chance but I made my ww decision and guess what
I've been ignoring the third of the plate rule, since January
how pig headed of me

No idea why I did that, in the back of my head I knew but I ignored it and carried on so thats it now.
superfree for me all the way. I'll really try this week and if there is still an issue then, I might consider ww again but I have a good feeling that by simply following things properly I'm going to finally see some results!
I have a bloody wedding dress to get into! eeek!

to clarify, superfree is all fruit and veg right?
are baked beans superfree?
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nope baked beans, peas, sweetcorn, parsnips, potatoes, are just free not superfree

I think alot of us kid ourselves and then wonder why we're not losing as well as we could be if at all! good luck x


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I really really don't want you to take this the wrong way but I doubt you would put 5lbs on just by ignoring the third superfree rule.
It may stop you losing as quickly but I don't think it would make you gain weight and surely not 5lbs worth?

What are you snacking on? I don't think it's often the third superfree at meals which makes a huge difference, but it's when people don't snack on superfree that it does.

Hasn't your consultant offered you any advice as to why you were gaining and losing the same pound?

With regards to the third plate rule, I'm not going to go into it at length, we know it's to naturally limit the red/green foods, but if I'm having a risotto for dinner, I'll have a green salad with it - however, I don't eat less risotto than I would on a green day!

Also, on the SW FAQ's it says you don't HAVE to have the third superfree, they wouldn't insist on anything (their words) but they advise it as it can help. Some say they don't lose if they don't have it though.

I would look at what you are eating for meals, snacks, do you weigh and measure your HEX's, do you count all syns, do you guess at syns?

It takes a lot to put 5lb on hun, unless of course it's TOTM.

Good luck.
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You could put a food diary on here for us to look at, and offer any help on why you are gaining/losing the same 1lb.

Jaylou is right, not eating 1/3 superfree wont make you gain 5lbs; can you think of anything you've eaten which isn't SW friendly, maybe you've worked the syns out incorrectly.
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When I first started back at SW - for the first 16 weeks or so I hadnt cottoned onto the 1/3 rule - but I still lost over a stone - having said that now I know I should have more superfree and I have made an effort to it is having an impact

Superfree definately makes a difference. Some people find it hard, especially if they are not big veggie/fruit eaters. Fortunately for me I love all vegetables and fruits.

Like some others have pointed out, it is unlikely not eating superfree would make you gain 5lbs. However it is also not impossible for that to happen. It depends on how big your portions of the other free foods were. Although SW is not about weighing or counting calories, not including the superfree, means we might pile our plates a little too high with carbs and proteins and if you are eating way over what your body physically needs then you wont lose weight and at the very worst, might have a gain.

Perhaps start a food diary on here, where other members can check it for you.

There are so many yummy ways to incorporate it too. Some get into the mindset that to include vegetables to a meal is time consuming and boring. But it really isn't.

Roasted butternut squash with a bit of paprika is lovely.

Also if you have a HEa spare, add some veggies to a baking dish, a little bit of stock and cover with cheese and bake in the oven.

The frozen veggie packs are really handy if you need something quick. (just make sure they are just veggies and have no oil added).

Not to mention all the stuff you can add to things like spag bolognese, chilli, soups, casseroles etc. The list is endless.

and the best thing about adding a 1/3 superfree is it will automatically limit your portions of the other free foods.


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Just following up on what Britmum is saying - its quite easy to get more veg onto your plate for your main meal. Today I made the BBQ sauce thats in the recipe section on here. I threw some chicken in the wok, added mushrooms onions and peppers before adding the sauce. Then I remembered I had half a bag of frozen mediterranean vegetables in the freezer - cherry tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, more mushrooms, peppers and onions - when it was all cooked my wok was almost overflowing as the extra veg had bulked out my chicken dish, but I ate it with a small baked potato and 1 & 1/2 packs of frozen steam veggies. My plate was easily at least half superfree veg but cos half of it was in the sauce then I didn't feel like a rabbit. lol.


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S: 14st9lb C: 14st8lb G: 13st7lb Loss: 0st1lb(0.49%)
I didn't suggest I put 5 pound on by not following the superfree rule
I guessed it was why I was staying the same and not budging since January
the 5 pound gain was because I went away on a hen do :D
the staying the same I thought could be down to not eating a third of superfree- I was upset about the 5 pound gain because its 5 pound on top of the very, very little amount I had lost since January, which I suspect is down to me not having superfree foods

and I do have a food diary.

and I am doing the third of the plate rule this week, so we'll see if I can budge anything more
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I love the superfree foods. All this week I have been doing the Success Express plan and enjoyed every minute of it.
I've concentrated so much on eating plenty of variety of superfree foods that most days I've hardly wanted my healthy extras or syns.
I think it's important for us Slimmer's to regularly be looking at our food optimising book & also using the Slimming World website to look for new recipe ideas and mixing up our healthy extras and superfree foods. xxx
S: 10st8lb
I came to the same realisation this week too. Weigh Friday after concentrating on 1/3 superfree since then :)


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Mrswilsoncroft makes a good point, I've found the past 2 weeks I've had the books out loads as I've started a few red days. This is despite being within target for nearly a year! U can never stop learning lol plus keeps it interesting :)


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Chin up Karen, stick with it and read your books cover to cover. why not try a week of red green days (i'm guessing you've been doing extra easy) Just to shake things up a bit??

S: 9st11.5lb C: 8st12lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 0st13.5lb(9.82%)
Mrswilsoncroft makes a good point, I've found the past 2 weeks I've had the books out loads as I've started a few red days. This is despite being within target for nearly a year! U can never stop learning lol plus keeps it interesting :)
I think when you have been doing Slimming World for a while you get stuck in a routine of having "what you know & it's safe"
Its only recent weeks I have started to have different yogurts, I always stuck to mullerlights as knew these were syn free but now Im trying different syn free yogurts and really enjoying them as a change.

Also it does you good to read through the healthy extras list, I didnt even realise you could have feta cheese as hea until about 6 months ago and ive been doing Sw for nearly 2 yrs lol! xxx
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I have also cut down on mullerlight a lot. I am enjoying the activia snackpots, the yoghurt seems much thicker and creamier and the vanilla one is lovely over strawberries. Nom nom


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S: 14st9lb C: 14st8lb G: 13st7lb Loss: 0st1lb(0.49%)
so I did the third of the plate rule this week.....
and lost 6 pound (little bit pleased with that)

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