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Supersize Me! - the documentary

Has anyone seen the documentary by Morgan Spurlock? (what a fab name that is by the way).

Basically he had to live on Macdonalds and only Macdonald products for an entire month. He had to try everything on the menu at least once and I think if offered Supersize he had to say yes.

He had a battery of tests on his health, heart, weight, cholestrol, etc. before starting and the cameras then followed for him through his bizarre journey.

It is amazing how unhealthy once can become in just 1 month! the body closes down and he was quite ill. Of course this is an extreme documentary, but I assume it can be applied to many fast food or takeaway joints.

A fascinating experiment and worth a watch - if only for some of the characters he meets on the programme!
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I watched it and wow what a change, It certainly opened my eyes with regards to fast food...


Now to maintain.....
if you have virgin then there is a channel on there(cant remember which - will try and check later) which is working through the 50 top documentaries ever at the moment and supersize me is on there.
we watched it last week,after like you originally watching years ago when overweight.
whilst channel hopping i've noticed it on again most days since,lol so i should think you'll find it.


Now to maintain.....
just had a quick look and.....its channel 155 on virgin and the channel is called current tv.
and supersize me is on at 10pm tonight!
Lol - cool names;)

I just watched it on Lovefilm as part of the free online stuff. Makes me want to rush out and buy a big mac meal on one hand, and vomit on the other!

I'm sure I read Mr Spurlock has a new documentary out now, but forget the subject. I bet it is interesting though;)


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I saw that a few weeks ago on one of the sky channels (can't remember which now) and it was quite scary the way young children were targetted with 'brand imprinting' and the amount of power these fast food places had/have.
We watched the documentary as part of our drama A-Level at school (going back a few years now...), and it was shocking stuff. I like Morgan Spurlock's work - his series '30 days' is also very interesting to watch.
Yep he can educate, make you laugh, and infuriate all within 5 minutes. An interesting documentary maker!

Oh and by the way, his full name is Morgan Valentine Spurlock;)

Just remembered, his latest documentary is all about advertising and product placing. Ironically, (or should that be iconically?) can you guess how the venture was funded?.....It's called the greatest movie ever sold.
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