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Supersize vs superskinny!!

I couldnt beleive this weeks. The skinny girl just ate rubbish yet was still skinny......how does that work!!

I do enjoy the programme and just waiting for one of the VLCD to be featured by the lady who does all the so called 'fad' diets........what was the maple syrup and cayenne pepper one all about....YUK!
Not sure as I find it a predictable format just like kitchen nightmares, must have the same script writers.
Oh nearly forgot, what about that vile, rude Scottish tart, is it Gill Mc ***** or something, wouldn't you turn around and knock her out if she started calling you a fat arse etc in public:mad:
yeah i like that program - and yeah you can see that it's formatted to the hilt - but hey who cares it's fab!!
kitchen nightmares - love it in this country- but am boycotting the american version - it's AWFUL - bring back the british ones!! - that's formatting gone mad!!
:whoopass: Had to giggle at your bit about Gillie Mckeith! She is horrible and not exactly Mrs Gorgeous herself!


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how right you are lol she reminds me of an old witch!
Yeah i really like watchin it too, arent the skinny people awful?!!! Would never want to be skinny at all! Size zero...no way!! x


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Yeah I love this programme, I watch it on 4OD online so I can skip all the Gillian Mckeith bits! Some of the women she calls fat ar*e have got lovely figures! She's such a bully!
She is Too Thin!!
I love it as well, although I think the thin people secretly want to be like that!! That one that thought you was great for putting on 2 lbs in about 2 months! I nearly choked on my lipo shake as I spat at the tv I could put that on in one meal if I wanted too!!!! Gadz, the skiiny 0 size is ugly, I want to lose weight but but by god i want to keep my boobies ans arse!!!
I always think of Gillian McKeith as a nasty old crone. I can't believe she's younger than me. If she told me I had a fat arse, I'd sit on her.
I always think of Gillian McKeith as a nasty old crone. I can't believe she's younger than me. If she told me I had a fat arse, I'd sit on her.
I'd do the same but had an H
lol , me too but that fibre stuff is working a treat!
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I watched it for the first time last night and couldnt believe that the skinny one ate as much as she did and only weighed about six and a half stone. I could blink and put the 2 pounds on that took her two months!! The other woman did well losing as much as she did x
Its very very sad for the smaller person as much as it is for the bigger one though dont you think.


I've got the power
It is but I'm totally jealous, wish I could eat junk and not put on weight.
I think i'd prefer to be unhappy about being thin than unhappy about being fat. Society doesn't judge the thin, I'm sure a lot of us here have experienced prejudices, I personally have a high IQ and yet people have assumed I'm some kind of simpleton because I'm overweight.

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